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Patriots Post-Practice Quotes - 8/11/2010

New England Patriots players comment on their final joint practice and upcoming preseason game with the New Orleans Saints durin media access on Wednesday, August 11, 2010.


(On talking with Patriots Hall of Fame Inductee Sam Cunningham after practice)

It definitely is an honor. Just wearing his jersey number and keeping that number alive - following in his footsteps, just trying to do a little bit better. It is nice to be able to show your respect to him.

Q: What kind of advice did Sam Cunningham have for you?

LM: I would love to tell you but I don't have enough time to tell you everything he said. It was nice and motivational insight that he gave to me that I will take with me and run with.

Q: Have you talked to him before or was this the first time?

LM: I talked to him last year when he came to a game but I really didn't get to sit down and talk to him. This was the first time I really had a little time to have a conversation with him.

Q: You don't have to tell us what he told you but what he did tell you, will that make you a better player this season?

LM: We will find out. He gave me a lot of things to take with me and like I said, I showed him my respect. I didn't really know when they gave me the number the legacy behind it until my second year. Just telling him stories like that and him telling me, "this is our number."

Q: Does that drive you a little bit more?

LM: Yeah, it definitely does. Just him saying, "this is our number" makes me feel a lot better. For a [Patriots] Hall of Famer to say that to me definitely means a lot. LINEBACKER


Q: How much did you see and how much of a work out was it mentally practicing with the Saints this morning?

JM: We saw a lot and I think it's good for us to go against somebody else in practice where you can control the tempo and the atmosphere pretty much and go out there and work against a great team.

Q: How much of a focus is communication?

JM: It's a huge focus. All coach Belichick talks about is having us focus on each other and having awareness on the football field and going out there and making plays. We still have a long way to go but it's a work in progress.

Q: I know it's just preseason but to go up against the defending champs that must give you a little extra juice for an exhibition game.

JM: It does. Like you said, they are defending champs. They have a great football team and they return a lot of players. We use this kind of as a measuring stick. They were where we want to be.

Q: Is it a little bit of a pride factor?

JM: Anytime you set foot on the football field you want to win the game and that's what we are going out there to do -- win a football game. I wouldn't' say last year's game has anything to do with this year's but we are just going to go out there and try to win.


(On opportunities)

This is a truly an opportunity. No matter where your opportunities are, if it's first string, second, third or basics, it doesn't matter. It's still an opportunity. I'm thankful to have an opportunity to get better every day.

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