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Patriots Postgame Quotes

Head coach Bill Belichick and Patriots players comment on their 34-27 loss to the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on Sunday, Janauary 3, 2010.

*Coach Bill Belichick *

(on the loss) "Right now we put this game behind us and on Tuesday we come in and get ready for whoever we play next. We worked all year to be in this position, to be in the playoffs and we're looking forward to getting started on Tuesday."

(on New England Patriots WR Wes Welker's injury) "I don't have an update on him."

(on the substitution pattern between Patriots QB's Tom Brady and Brian Hoyer during the game) "We really didn't have anything set. We just went out and played."

(on next week's playoff game) "Whoever we play we'll try to get ready for. We'll find out who they are tonight and we'll start getting ready for whoever that is."

(on the Texans performance) "They played a good game."

(on Texans WR Andre Johnson) "He's a good player. I've said that all week."

Tight end Chris Baker

(on the injury to Patriots WR Wes Welker) "Obviously you never want to see that, but that's part of the game. Hopefully he would be alright."

(on how the focus of the upcoming playoffs affected the Patriots play today) "Well we are looking forward for the playoffs right now. We just wanted to go and play well today, but right now we are just looking forward to the playoffs."

(on the play of Patriots rookie WR Julian Edelman) "He did a good job. He's has been getting better each week. He's not a rookie now. He's played enough games and he's ready to go. He has played pretty good.

(on Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick decision to play rookie QB Brian Hoyer late in the game) "We didn't know what was going on. We just came out and played. If coach wanted to put somebody in that's what he does. So that's how we go about it."

Quarterback Brian Hoyer

(on how it felt to play in the NFL) "It's good anytime you get a chance to get in and play some real live action. Obviously, whenever you go out there you want to win. So I'm disappointed we didn't get that last drive in the end zone. It's just quality reps against a good team, a great team the Texans are. They're fighting for their playoff lives and we just try to go out there and battle. No matter what situation you go in, you want to win. It's a disappointing filling right now."

(on the status of WR Wes Welker) "I don't know anything about it."

(on if he was aware of how much playing time he would get prior to the game) "No, I think just to be ready for the opportunity that was going to be given and I wasn't for sure when it was going to be. That's my job — week in, week out — just to be ready to go at anytime. I didn't really know. To go in there and take advantage of the opportunities given."

(on if he was surprised to be in the game during the final drive) "That's the situation you want to be in. To go out there and try to take your team down there and score. I just do what I am told. That's my job, to be ready at a moment's notice. They told me that I was going in so I got loose. You hit a few passes and you don't convert it's disappointing."

(on how disappointed he is about the outcome) "It's disappointing because anytime you go out there you want to compete and win. My last opportunity was an opportunity to tie the game for our team so I wanted to go out there and perform well. I think the big thing is that we have the playoffs coming up. So we can just move on and start getting focus on next week and see who we are going to play."

Running back Sammy Morris

(on today's loss) "Yes it's frustrating. The good thing is that we have another game coming up that has a little more weight to it."

(on the injury to Patriots WR Wes Welker) "For a player like Wes, it's always tough to see guys like that get hurt."

(on the play of Patriots rookie WR Julian Edelman) "Help played tough today. He's a tough kid. He came in and did well."

(on going to the playoffs this season) "It's part of our goal. We weren't able to win today, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel as far as having another shot to play."

Linebacker Adalius Thomas

(on a starter playing full speed late in the regular season after clinching a playoff spot) "I don't think you play no other way. I think you should be smart about everything and take an educated risk and try to get out of there healthy as you can."

(on today's loss) "None of this really matter anymore, it's done and it's over with. We've moved on already. That's how simple that is. The record doesn't mean anything anymore. We are going to the playoffs and that's all you can really ask for. The record is clean 0-0. Win or go home."

*Tight end Benjamin Watson *

(on the loss of Patriots WR Wes Welker) "He means a lot to this offense. He makes a lot of plays for us, but it's a part of football. It happens on every team. We've had guys go down and come back its part of the deal."

(on today's loss) "We wanted to win the game. That was our goal. If we are going to play, we might as well win. So we are not happy with the loss today. It's a new season now. The Texans played a great game and they played us very well. It's time for us to move on."

(on the loss of Patriots WR Wes Welker) "Its football, guys go down all the time. It happens on our team and other teams and it sucks. But it's part of the game. When you are in a team, when a guy goes down then another one have to step up and fill in the trenches."

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