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Patriots Quotes Part I 1/29: Bill Belichick, Tom Brady & more

Patriots coaches and players comment on their upcoming Super Bowl game against the Seattle Seahawks during media access at the team hotel in Arizona on Thursday, January 29, 2015.


(on if it is planned or a coincidence that New England has significantly more players from the Northeast and the Midwest compared to Seattle) "I would have had no idea those numbers you just read off on whether ours or theirs. Honestly haven't really given it any thought. Sorry."

(on what it means to have his son Steve Belichick on the New England coaching staff as an assistant) "You know, it's great. It's great. Steven was pretty much away for six years with prep school and college lacrosse and then a year of football with Rutgers. So it's great to have him back, see him on a daily basis and be able to work with him, but also have our father-son relationship kind of not as part of the working environment, but the fact that we work together gives us a little more opportunity to do kind of things like that. So it's great. It's great."

(on the progression of fullback James Develin) "James has, like a number of players on our roster, he started on our practice squad. He was with Cincinnati for a year and I believe they released him at the end of preseason. He was on our practice squad and just worked hard, worked his way up. Again, like the Ryan Wendell's and Dan Connolly's and Jonas Gray's – you could write down the roster and probably rattle off eight to 10 guys like that. James is really a tough kid. He played linebacker at Brown, fullback, good blocker, helps in the kicking game, really smart, doesn't need a lot of reps, very dependable, very durable, tough, there every day, gives you a great effort, great team player. You know what you're going to get from him seven days a week, really 365 days a year. He's got the same work ethic (in the) offseason – real productive guy in the offseason program. Solid."

(on whether the everyday efforts of the coaching staff or building the right roster has contributed to his success as a coach over the years) "I mean, the most important thing is the players and we've been very fortunate. We've got a lot of outstanding players through the years and this year. Players win games, players make plays. You can't win without great players and we're fortunate that we have a lot of them. Seattle's got a lot of them and that's why they win a lot of games too."

(on the offseason being shorter based on a team's success and how the week leading up to the Super Bowl has changed since his first Super Bowl appearance) "Well, I think the week has kind of just grown. I don't think it's really fundamentally that different. Probably the two-week period, which wasn't the case in the '01 Super Bowl. But two weeks, you have a week to get some logistics out of the way, get started on the game plan and get down here and finish it up. I think the sequence of events down here has been pretty constant with the Tuesday media day. Tuesday, Thursday – you know, what it is, it's just gotten bigger. I don't think it's really fundamentally changed the preparation a lot. I think back to '86 when we went out to Pasadena with the Giants, this is pretty much what it was. The offseason, yeah, I mean, I think it's – we deal with it. It's a good problem. We deal with it a lot. Guys that need offseason surgery, clean up things – a knee scope, a shoulder scope, something like that. You're doing it six weeks or possibly even a little bit longer with teams that finished earlier. Just the wear and tear, the extra games, the shorter recovery period, the closer you are to the offseason period, the closer you are to minicamp (and) training camp. Those extra four, five, six weeks – whatever it is – of rest, recovery and training depending on – the more time you have there; once you recover, then the more time you have to train. So it just compresses it. So I think that's something that we have taken into account in our offseason – planning is just the shorter window that we're dealing with and that's affected some of our decisions on multiple things as we go through the season. So it puts a lot of strain on the coaching staff as well, being relatively late compared to other teams on free agency, the draft, self-evaluation, going through our cut-ups and so forth. But, again, it's a good problem to have."

(on tight end Rob Gronkowski speaking about football acumen and intelligence and when does he know a player is special in that regard and if you can coach a player to get better in terms of his football IQ) "Absolutely. You can definitely coach it. I'd say (quarterback) Tom Brady is a great example. Rob – right down the line: (fullback James) Develin, (defensive tackle) Vince (Wilfork), all of them. I mean, those guys are smart football players. They came to us as smart football players, but through experience and more situations, more understanding of what they're doing (and) what other people are doing or what our opponents are trying to do in those situations, you can always improve in it, as we do as a coaching staff. We always try to work harder on looking at things we've done in the past, is it still what we want to do, and who can make getting things that we haven't looked as closely at. and trying to make sure we have the right thing there. You know, Rob's a smart football player; he understands a lot of things about the game – not just the X's and O's, but also how he's getting matched up individually and what our opponents are trying to do given the situation. I think he has an understanding of what – depending on what he's getting – what he needs to do to try to counter it. He's worked hard on that, he's seen a lot of different coverages, or getting jammed at the line – you know, whatever teams try to do. He's worked on those things to try to – as I've said – to try to have an answer for those type of situations. He's a good football player. He's a smart football player."

(on what is the legacy of linebacker Junior Seau and what it would mean to him to see him elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this Saturday) "Well, it would mean a lot. It's obviously got to happen. I can't imagine having a Professional Football Hall of Fame without Junior Seau in it. The one word that comes to me when I think of Junior in life and football (is) passion. He's a very passionate guy, lot of energy, lot of enthusiasm. First guy in the building in the morning, watching film, lifting weights, ready for practice, always loved to practice, flying around on the practice field, energy before the game on the sideline (and) during the game, emotional player, but a smart player. Player that played with a purpose; played with good physical skill; but also good concentration, good awareness. Great team player, very supportive of his teammates – I mean, everybody in the locker room loved Junior. They loved what he did and they loved the way that he interacted with the team. He was a great player. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to coach him. We had a lot of great experiences together. Obviously it was the end of his career; things were a little different than when he was in San Diego and so forth. But he brought a lot of energy and passion to our team, and I personally had a very good relationship with Junior. I loved coaching him and he always expressed how much he enjoyed playing on the New England Patriots and that meant a lot to me."

(on what the day before a Super Bowl is typically like and if he likes to use any sort of motivational tactics like a speaker or a video) "Well, again, I think each game's different, each team's different, each situation's different. So whatever we feel is best for that particular game and situation is what we'll try to do. It could be any of the above or none. Just depending on the circumstances and situations and timing and maybe what we feel like is the most beneficial. The day before the game is kind of as much as we can make it a normal day before the game. We've done that for the entire season and I don't think that this game would be the time to all of a sudden come up with some new, creative, innovative schedule. We're all creatures of habit, we have a routine, we know where – I think coaches, players all know where we need to be Saturday morning in our preparations, Saturday afternoon in our preparations, Saturday night in our preparation, Sunday morning in our preparation. So we always try to take the time of the game and work backwards so that in the days leading up to the game, our pattern is as consistent as it can possibly be on the road, at home, wherever the game is. Obviously there's differences, there's changes, but we try to make them as consistent as possible so that our players, our team, our staff can get a routine and we can be as productive as we can and not be worried or thinking about, 'Is it this? Is it that?' We know where we should be and we hopefully try to be there."

(on how practice has gone so far this week and what he has learned about Seattle in the last two weeks of preparation that he did not know beforehand) "We could be here for four or five days talking about the Seahawks. We haven't played them since 2012, so looking at their 2013 season and the 2014 season, I mean, we've learned volumes and volumes about them. From a practice standpoint, we're probably at the typical midweek point in practice. Worked on some things yesterday, we'll come back and work on some more things today. We have to correct and adjust and make sure that we understand some of the things that happened yesterday so that we can get them better executed the next time it happens, most likely in the game. But there will be a couple of things that we'll probably go back over and redo over again. But we can't redo yesterday's practice. We've got to move on. There are good things out there. There are things that we can build on and run about the way we hope they will, and there are things that either we as a staff need to modify and adjust a little bit or the players need to adjust a little bit based on the technique, the look, or whatever it happens to be. That's the way it usually goes during the week and this week's probably not going to be any different than any other one in regards to that."

(on what he can take from watching the Seattle defense in the NFC Championship hold Green Bay to three field goals early in the game) "Well, obviously those were huge possessions in the game and had any of those possessions turned out a little bit differently, it might have affected the end of the game. I would say that there are a lot of similarities between the Green Bay game last week and our game with Seattle in 2012. We were one-for-four in the red area, we missed opportunities down there. We ended up with a penalty at the end of the first half. We were inside the 10-yard line – that would've been almost automatic field goal. Those three points and you lose by one, so those three points were big points that we missed in addition to a turnover down there and another missed opportunity. Kind of say the same thing happened to Green Bay that happened to us. We had a lead in the fourth quarter, but that's Seattle. Seattle is a…they battle you for 60 minutes or longer. They're a very competitive team. They have great physical and mental toughness. They're a strong lineup, they have a great will and we've seen that multiple times – saw it again last week. I think that comes from (Seattle Head Coach) Pete (Carroll) and his staff and their players certainly embrace it and play with it. So that's the way we're going to have to play and whatever opportunities we get in the game, whenever they come, we obviously want to take full advantage of them. But I think those were big possessions for Seattle to be able to stay in the game. Even though they're down, 19-7, with whatever it was, four minutes to go in the game – could've been 23-7, you know, whatever, they're critical."

(on how quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has developed as the backup and how he has helped the defense prepare during practice) "Jimmy's done a great job for us this year and that's, as you said, a big part of his job. We face quarterbacks every week who have different playing styles, different mechanics or habits at the line of scrimmage with cadence and shifting and so forth and so on, as well as how they execute the plays – scrambling, or picking up particular receivers, or that type of thing. Jimmy does a great job of – after we have our meetings on normally Tuesday – to go through the beginnings of the scouting report of our new opponent. Then Jimmy goes and meets with the defensive coaches and talks about what that quarterback does, how that team…for example, if they're an up-tempo team, no-huddle team, how that works, how they do it, cadences, movement, and watching the quarterback – their scrambling or throwing habits and how quickly they come to the backs or how quickly they stay on the primary receiver or whatever it happens to be. And he's done a great job with that. He's been practice player of the week for us a number of weeks – probably could've been more – for the look that he gives the defense. Obviously, he's a key guy in that process because he controls the whole offense, like any quarterback does, and setting that up for our guys on defense. He's been really good, certainly gotten better through the course of the year. That's something at the beginning of the year that he was (not) familiar with or really had the total grasp of it. As the year's gone on, he's given us great looks every week and it's really been helpful to our defense."


(on how he is feeling this week) "Good. Good. I feel pretty good. It felt good to run around yesterday at practice. Just good to be out on the field."

(on if there is an issue with the fire alarm going off in the team hotel) "If there has, I haven't heard it. I must be sleeping through it, so that's good."

(on how infectious New England tight end Rob Gronkowski's personality is to the team) "He's got a great personality. He's really been pretty consistent since he got to our team. I remember seeing him on draft day, he and his family jumping on the stage, and that's still the way he is. He plays with a lot of fun, a lot of enthusiasm, and he brings a lot of enjoyment for us when we see him excited, he's spiking the ball and just being him. I was joking, I don't think he's ever had a bad day in his life. He always seems to have a great time."

(on what it means to be playing in his sixth Super Bowl) "I mean, it's amazing sitting here and thinking this is the sixth time I'll be doing this. It's really a privilege. I've been very lucky over the years to play on great teams and sustain injuries - I had a type of injury in 2008 where I didn't get to play - and since then I'll never take these things for granted. You may lose, I come off the field and say, 'At least I have a chance to go out and play the next week.' It's pretty special. My teammates are really excited. We've had some really good practices, which is always a good thing going into these games. We really want to be as best as we possibly can be because the margin of error against the teams that you're playing, and especially against the Seahawks, there is no real margin for error. We're going to have to play our best."

(on what characterizes New England's wide receiver group) "It's a great group. It's a really selfless group; guys that are always putting the team first. Everybody has a little different skillset. I think that once we hit our stride and everybody found a role for themselves, they really embraced their role. Julian's (Edelman) done such a great job for our team. Brandon LaFell in his role has been spectacular. Danny (Amendola) has come alive. Once he got more of an opportunity as the season went on, he's been phenomenal. Brian Tyms has made a lot of plays for us. It's been a great group. Those guys have worked really hard and they're all excited and ready to go. None of them have really played in a Super Bowl before. Hopefully we bring our excitement and as much enthusiasm as possible and we go out and play as best as we possibly can."

(on the progression of New England fullback James Devlin) "I love James. I think he's the best fullback in the league. He doesn't get a lot of credit for it because he doesn't get as much opportunity, but every time we call on him he delivers. It's either great runs or great catches. He brings a lot of toughness to our team. He's a great blocker. He takes a lot of pride in that. That position can bring a really significant element of toughness because you're blocking for the guy with the ball, and he takes a lot of pride in that. I know the halfbacks are real comfortable when he's leading through the hole and they follow him. Hopefully he gets some opportunities on Sunday, and hopefully, we make the plays."

(on if he thinks Denver quarterback Peyton Manning will continue his career) "What a great player he's been for this league? He's a great competitor, and I've been fortunate to play against him a bunch of times. I certainly hope he comes back because the league will miss him if he doesn't. Those decisions are up to him. I'm sure it's up to him whether he's mentally and physically, if that's what he wants to do. I certainly hope he's back."

(on how the Super Bowl game planning process has changed from his first Super Bowl to his sixth) "Every year takes on a little different element. I think there are different ways to prepare. Everyone has a different style that they like to do in order to prepare and be confident going into the game. Some guys love to watch a lot of film. One of the best tackles I ever played with, Matt Light, used to say, 'I don't like watching film because it just screws me up. When I get out there I just want to be able to react.' I like to watch as much as I possibly can and get a real feel for everything that I'm going to see out there. I have a meeting with (Patriots Head) Coach (Bill) Belichick every week to talk about all the defensive players and go over their strengths and weaknesses. I'm pretty efficient at this point. I spend a lot of time doing it. Like I said the other day, I've seen a lot of film on this team. I feel like I know these guys pretty well, but you still have to go out and execute. It's one thing to be able to anticipate things, and that's what the goal is as an offensive player, but add a pass rush and different elements and situations, you've got to be able to react and think quickly. Ultimately go out there and execute, make good throws, get to the guys that are open, make good decisions and you've got to do that for a sustained period of time against a great defense."

(on Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft saying he has a lot of trust in him and if he feels that trust will remain after the conclusion of the investigation into the controversy in New England) "We have a great relationship. We always have. There is a lot of trust between the two of us. It's been built up over 15 years of ups and downs. We've been through a lot together. Like I said, we'll handle all of those things after the season. Whenever those things, the investigation concludes, I certainly hope he's proud of me."

(on how being a husband and a father has changed his perspective on life and football) "Quite a bit. Becoming a father has changed my life dramatically. I'm sure for all the parents in here that's what happens. Your life becomes very focused around your kids. For me, it's been very much, with football stuff and obviously being with my family, a lot of things have been cut out over the years. I still have a lot of great friends. I just don't get to spend a lot of time with them. It's a lot of football and obviously I spend a lot of time doing that. My family understands that. There is only a certain amount of time when I'll be able to do that going forward. When I'm done, hopefully I get to spend as much time as I can with them."

(on an update on his cold and if having an illness can have an influence on his game) "I think I've been through it plenty of times. You know, the winter months, like I said, it kind of ran through my house. I'm glad it happened early in the week. I feel a lot better. It was good to run around yesterday. I expect to be 100 percent on Sunday. I'll be ready to go."

(on if he's watched all of Seattle's games the past two years and how he would characterize the Seattle defense) "I've seen a lot. I just watch and watch and watch until I get tired, and then I go to sleep. When I wake up, I watch more. I've been through games multiple times and they've got a great defense. I think that's the thing that you keep seeing. There is nothing easy about what they do. They have players that play their role. They're very disciplined. They're very smart. They're very well coached. They don't make anything easy. You've got to run good routes, you've got to make good throws, you've got to throw it through tight windows; they've got a lot of eyes on the quarterback, so you've got to be conscious of those things. But you still have to be able to play aggressively and play with confidence. You can't let one guy's play affect another. I think sometimes early in the series they'll get a negative play and then it turns into another negative play, and then it's third and 20. The chances of converting in a situation like that is almost nothing. You've got to be able to have the mental toughness to keep plugging away and stay positive in down and distance, try to stay on track. But they challenge you, so it's a grind. Like I said the other day, it's really a test of wills. Hopefully we can play as well as we possibly can and eliminate negative plays. I don't like snapping the ball when I think there is going to be a bad play. We're always trying to figure out a good scheme, especially against what they're going to do. I don't ever want to snap the ball in a look that I predict is not advantageous for a positive play. That's the plan. We've got to do a good job with that. It's a big test."

(on how difficult it has been to maintain a high level of success over the course of his career) "It's pretty cool. I think just from my experience, when I was, 2001, 2003 and 2004, I was so young that I didn't understand what this was all about and how challenging this is because everything happened so fast at such an early part of my career. I think over the years we've gotten some tough losses, and obviously we made it in '07 and '11, those were challenging games. They came down to the wire and we lost. I don't think those things discouraged me at all. They just re-emphasized how hard and challenging it is to get to this point and how challenging it is to win this game. I have such an appreciation for it now. That's why I'm hoping we can accomplish and finally finish it off with a great win on Sunday. It would mean an awful lot."

(on what it was like playing with Junior Seau) "He was a phenomenal player, teammate, friend. His attitude was infectious. He brought enthusiasm every day to practice. He showed up in the roommate and he'd be the first person there at six in the morning on the treadmill running, going into his 18th year in the league. He had a love for life and he's missed by all of his family and friends, and certainly by me and the guys that had a chance to be around him. He was a special person. I have no doubt he'll be elected. If he can't make it, nobody can. He's truly one of a kind. It was a privilege playing with him."


(on how New England secondary came together after the Lions game) "We had a great game plan and those guys we felt that we knew them very well across the board and matching up against them. From then on, and even before that, we had games where we just felt like we were the more dominant team and we could match up with them across the board. The Lions game, trust me it was very tough going against (QB Matthew) Stafford, going against (WRs) Calvin (Johnson) and Golden Tate. They've got a great offense they've got (RB) Reggie Bush as well so they've got a lot of talent. It was a great matchup for us."

(on the game plan against players like WRs Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate) "Just hope that you can hold up. During that game I think the first play or first series, there was a screen to Golden Tate and he took it 40 or 50 yards. The best thing you can try to do is to try and slow those guys down. Throughout the course of the game we made adjustments to start slowing them down."

(on Detroit tight end Eric Ebron) "He's talented. He's a very talented player."

(on if playing against Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers prepared him for games like this) "This year, we played against a number of talented quarterbacks. The very great can scramble, Andrew Luck I feel like, he doesn't get enough credit for that. He's very athletic at what he does, I mean across the board, Aaron Rodgers as well. Some of the guys we played this year were very versatile and can scramble. Russell Wilson fits in that quarterback category of quarterbacks that are very dangerous and can hurt you with his legs. We can say the quarterbacks we've faced earlier this year could have helped us, we just all put them in the same category."

(on describing tight end Rob Gronkowski's personality) "He's energetic, he's very energetic. He loves life and that's Gronk. He's always having a blast."

(on why players smile initially when asked about Gronkowski) "It's just Gronk being Gronk. I think guys on the team appreciate what type of guys he is."

(on how he works with cornerback Brandon Browner to maintain physicality and help team ) "Us two adding to the team just speaks volumes. It's something that builds in our game that we can bring to this team and this city and we've been playing well together, not just me and Browner, the whole secondary. We've been playing lights out football and we just have to continue to feed off each other, I think that's what makes us go. Out on the field we have a lot of energy and we have a lot of chemistry."

(on if former New England Patriot Ty Laws gave him permission to wear his number) "No, no."

(on how his relationship is with Ty Law) "The relationship is great. He's like a big brother to me so any advice he gives to me, I listen."

(on how to defend a wheel route out of the slot) "You try and stay up field. You try and stay on top of the receiver. You just really try to stay on top. When you see running backs in the game today flaring out on linebackers doing wheel routes, that's probably one of the biggest red zone plays to try to cover. You just try to stay on top, even when you try to stay on top, the quarterbacks are so great if they see you on top of the receiver they'll back shoulder. It's really a tough route to cover, probably one of the toughest routes to cover."

(on if he's been affected by the fire alarms the Seahawks have been setting off) "I have no clue about any fire alarms."

(on if the fire alarms have been going off a few times) "I'm not here most of the time, so I wouldn't know."

(on when the 'Revis Island' nickname began) "In New York."

(on how he got the Revis Island nickname) "I had an interview and I said, 'I feel like I'm on an island,' and the next day in the paper I guess one of the reporters said that I was on an island."

(on what it takes to be a shutdown corner in the NFL) "You just have to have a lot of talent, you have to have a lot of ability at the corner position. You have to be very athletic, you have to be smart and you have to be a student of the game."

(on how to learn to forget bad plays) "Yes, your memory has to be very short on the field. You have to forget plays. Bad plays happen, you're going to have to go to the next play, but overall you have to have an ability to be very athletic and talented. There are tough conditions on the field, you're on an island, you have to be able to run and like I said you've got to be smart."

(on Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman) "He's good, he does what he does."

(on Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson) "He's very dangerous, he's one of the best scramblers in the NFL. He extends plays. When you watch film on him, you see plays from eight to 10 seconds. He's scrambling, he's running around trying to make a play. I think that's one of the biggest things about him, he tries to make, not the perfect play, but he just tries to make a play for his team. It's impressive, the fight he has for his team as a quarterback."

(on if Wilson is unique when comparing him to other quarterbacks) "One of the things that I really think sticks out in his game is that he's very poised with what he does. Having a quarterback so young, to have that type of poised mentality and determination that he has, it speaks volumes for him personally and as an individual person. You can tell their offense and their team feeds off of his energy, that's how important he is to them."

(on if leaving Tampa Bay was everything he thought it would be) "Yes, definitely by far. In New England we have one of the best NFL teams in the league and joining this organization has been a process, but at the same time it's been great, it's been awesome. This is what we came for, we want to be in these big games."

(on explaining Head Coach Bill Belichick's defensive IQ) "I don't know if you can explain his IQ. He's very smart and he knows the game in and out. He's very detailed and he wants perfection, I think that's just his winning mentality. He's a winner, he wants to win. I think that sums him up the best way I can say it."

(on what sets quarterback Tom Brady apart ) "His desire to be so competitive, I've never seen it. You could put him in the category of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, just some of the great athletes in this world and I'm talking different sports too. He has the fight, the will and the determination to go out there and destroy anybody who's in his way. You see the results on the field, he's awesome."


(on the feeling of getting closer to gameday) "We're excited. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. One day you think it has reached its peak, but you wake up the next day even more excited and more ready to go. As the game gets closer, I think we just want to go ahead and get it going."

(on what makes Head Coach Bill Belichick so different) "I think it's just his continual effort to try to do better. He's already accomplished so much, but he still wants to accomplish more."

(on the accuracy of statements by other veterans that claim Belichick has softened over time) "No. I mean they've been here a lot longer than I have, but I still come to work every day hoping for kind of a break, but usually no. Usually we work, work hard and have good results."

(on how Tom Brady moved around on the field yesterday) "Aside from his snap cadence, which sounded a little different, I haven't noticed anything. He's working hard and doing a great job."

(on how he prepares mentally prior to the game) "We'll prepare prior, we'll know it's coming and that's really all you can do about it. We'll be ready to go. I'm looking forward to the game on Sunday."

(on how much of a problem going eligible and ineligible causes for a defense) "I think it poses a big challenge. It's hard to keep track of things when we make a big switch like that and that's why we were doing it the last couple of weeks. It's part of the gameplan that we had."

(on why they've gone to that formation more over the last few games) "I can't really say why. With the magnitude of the games, we wanted to be prepared for all situations and that one of the ways we tried to catch teams off balance."

(on what point in the season he thought the offense started clicking) "I think it was sometime after the Kansas City game. It might've even been the very next week against Cincinnati. We came out and we knew what we needed to do. We knew we needed to execute. We didn't want another Kansas City meltdown, so we all just dug deep, we all came together and really improved."

(on the growth of the offense early in the season) "We went to work and really concentrated on the things that were going to make us better. We didn't feel like, before Week 5, that we had been playing our best football. We knew we could play a lot better. From Week 5 on , that's what we focused on and that's why were able to accomplish so much. "

(on how what makes this offense different the 2007 Patriots offense) "There are a lot of different players. That was in 2007. This is now. Both teams were able to score, but had completely different makeups. It's hard for me to comment on the team in 2007."

(on if the Seahawks are the toughest defense he has ever faced) "I can't say that I have. This is my second Super Bowl. This is the first time that I'm going to be involved, playing against a tough defense. This is definitely the best defense that I've gone against."

(on if the fire alarm woke him up at 4:40 this morning) "It didn't wake me up. I guess it wasn't in my wing. I was fine."

(on what it felt like to get back on the field yesterday) "It was awesome. It felt good to get back out there again, get rolling, kind of refocus yourself on the gameplan and what's gong on. It was good."

(on why so many University of California players had so much success this year) "I think it's just a group of guys that went in and worked hard. We had great coaching, great leadership the whole way. I think that's a true testament to our coach."

(on how he's handled the first part of the week) "It's hard to ignore all of this media attention. You know you're at the Super Bowl. At a similar point, I think they're trying to make it as normal as possible for us. After today's practice, we'll be one step ahead."

(on if guys still have a lot of work left before the game) "As far as I'm concerned, everything seems to be moving pretty smoothly. What I need to know, I know."

(on if he's relieved to be done talking to the media) "I'll get a little more sleep, so I guess that's a good thing."

(on how tough it is to kill hours leading up to the game) "It does get pretty tough. It gets to a point where you just want the game to happen. You're tired of waiting around. You get more anxious, more nervous, more excited. The feeling just keeps growing and growing, but eventually it's time to play."

(on if he thinks it's possible for Saturday to be similar to Saturdays in the regular season) "Yes and no. It's hard to forget that you're here at the Super Bowl. It's going to be as normal as Coach Belichick can make it, but you can't ignore what's right in front of you."

(on how he can get himself open against the Seattle linebackers) "Well, it's not going to be easy. They do a great job of covering. They've got good speed. I'm just going to have to do a good job of finding my spots and be able to settle in the right areas and be ready for the ball."

(on if there are ways to create more space coming out of the backfield) "Yeah, there's certain things you can do scheme-wise, but you've got to play the game and see how they're playing first. You've got to see what their scheme is against us. That's more of an in-game adjustment."

(on how they've bounced back from a 3-3 start) "It wasn't the nicest of starts from the outside, but that's what's great about this team. We never really looked outside for anything. We always stuck with our guts, stuck with ourselves, stuck inside our locker room and pushed forward."

(on if there is any frustration that the team was doubted four games into the season) "No. No. I never really looked outside of the team for reassurance of what we were doing. I always felt confident in the locker room and I always felt confident being with the guys. I felt like we knew how good we could be."

(on what running back LeGarrette Blount brings to the offense) "I think he brings a different run style than we had before, but at the same time, we're still the same offense. He can plug himself right in to the role his was in last year. It's similar to him. He picked it up quick. He adds a great part to this offense and we wouldn't be here without him."

(on if he goes into every game thinking the Patriots have an edge in coaching) "I feel very confident going into each game. I feel prepared going into each game. I feel like I know all of the details and everything I need to know to be successful."

(on how much of a coaching edge the Patriots will have in the Super Bowl) "Neither coach or team would be here if they didn't deserve. I just think, going into the game, both teams are going to be very prepared. We're going to have to play for a full 60 minutes and see what happens."

(on what makes Seattle's defense special) "I think that what makes their defense stand apart from other is their speed. They have a lot of speed on the defensive side of the ball, from the linebacking corps to the defensive line to the safeties and corners. They're very aggressive. They play aggressive. They're very physical and they get offenses on their heels by the way that they play."


(on Bill Belichick's son and New England coaching assistant Steve Belichick) "It's going to be interesting because of the background he comes from. He comes from a coaching background and just to sit down and talk to him, look at him and watch film and how he breaks it down, you see a lot of similarities from his father. The dedication that he has, the preparation, being committed to getting the right calls, a good game plan, just the knowledge of the game itself. So I think he is going to be a good coach in the future. He has definitely helped us a lot this year. He is definitely going from being in the NFL for two years, you kind of see him getting his own identity. That's good."

(on if Steve and Bill Belichick have similar personalities) "No, they're a little different. They're a little different. Just a little bit."

(on not having to talk to the media after today) "Great. It's time to play football. So no knock against you guys but after a while you get kind of restless because you ask the same questions, you've got to give the same answers. It's like go back to the one we did three days ago. It comes with the territory, I guess. It'll be good to finally get a chance to just ignore everything and block out all of the distractions and get ready for a football game, the Super Bowl, so it'll be good."

(on the possibility of former teammate and the late linebacker Junior Seau getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame) "He had a hell of a career. He was one of those guys who you saw when the film cut on, he was around the ball. He was a true linebacker. Every time you can have a player like that at that position to do what he did, it's amazing stuff to see. He was like the definition of a linebacker, so I think he is well-deserved to be in it. I am glad I had the luxury to play with him and he was fun, he was fun to play with. You would never know that he was in the league for so long just because of the way he carried himself and how happy he was always. We had some great times together, so I hope he gets in because I think it's well-deserved."

(on the most important contributor to Belichick's success) "Consistency. I think day in and day out, being consistent at what he does, the way he coaches, the way he runs his ship. Just everything he does, he's so consistent with it. You know what you're going to get from him each week. You're going to get his best and he expects our best and I think that is the one thing that makes him so special because he's been so consistent. He's a hell of a coach. I'm glad I'm playing for him."

(on Belichick adapting as a coach) "I think any time you get a coach that's a great coach, they know both sides of the ball, not just one side. I think Bill (Belichick), he started off on the defensive side and special teams and stuff like that. Everybody thinks he has a defensive mind but when I get a chance to sit in on some captains meetings and hear him talk to Tom (Brady) about different plays and different stuff going on offensively, you really get insight of what Bill really is. And he is a true, true great coach, football coach all-around from special teams from the kickers all the way down to the defensive tackles. He just knows his stuff. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to football and he is the greatest coach."

(on Belichick's 'Do your job' slogan) "I think when we put that slogan out there, I think that comes along with eliminating any distractions, eliminating any noise that is being talked about. And our job is to eliminate that, so I think when we do that and we say that, I think everybody kind of looks at it together as, 'we're here for our job, we're here to do our job and the only way to do our job is we have to be focused in at the task in hand and that's to prepare for the Seahawks.' So I think it's more important for us now to just fall back on our words and do your job and if we do our job, we'll be in a good spot."

(on how Belichick compares to other coaches in this league) "There are some good coaches in the league. Coming and going in this league also. But I think ever since I was drafted here just to see what he has done and how he approached every season, it's just amazing what he does. The one thing that I think really is the time that he has, he makes sure he is going to use every bit of it. And we practice every situation so it's more for our players to understand where he is coming from because we are with him all the time. And just to see him work and see him do what he does on a daily basis. I don't care if it's a bye week, offseason, he is always working, he is always chipping away on something. I think that's a good sign of a great coach."

(on how Bill and Tom make everybody better) "Well, they're both smart as hell. I think the biggest thing is the understanding they both have for one another. Sometimes it may get a little chippy when someone may want something and the other one may want something but they always seem to come to the right solution. And they look at a lot of film. When you have two guys at that level, they have to be on the same page for our team to work. For the most part, we've been on the same page. It was trying to find it, but when we found it, we ran away from it. Hopefully we can run away with it one more time."

(on the Seahawks primary goal on offense) "I think the primary goal is to put the ball in their playmakers' hands. Over the course of the game, you can kind of see the way the game is going, what they really like to do. And when you have Russell Wilson and Marshawn (Lynch) in the backfield together, you have to make sure you account for both of them and I think that's what we have to do. We can't just say he is going to hand it off all the time or he is going to keep it all the time. I think there has got to be a balance. I think everybody has got to do a really good job on their assignments to be successful against them. So that's one of the things that we'll have to do."

(on playing against Marshawn Lynch earlier in Lynch's career) "He was good then, he was good then. I think at this level you have to be able to grow and I think he has done that over the years. When he came into the league, he was this. See, this is the stuff that we see when we watch film, when we break down film. This is what we see. A lot of guys might not agree with it, but I saw it a long time ago and I told you. When he was a rookie at the end of the game, I went to him and I said, 'You have something special. Just continue to work in this and this and keep your head down and continue to work.' And he said, 'Thank you.' And look at him now. So I knew from the get-go when I first saw him, when I first played against him, I knew it because he was a special back. He still is."

(on the spectacle of playing on Super Bowl Sunday) "It's just where we're at. This is the biggest of the games that you can think about playing. I don't care what sport you talk. Super Bowl Sunday, that's a special moment for a lot of households around the world. So it won't be much that we have to do to get our guys riled up. The type of people that we have, the character that we have on this team, it won't take much. Just being the Super Bowl itself, we understand the task at hand. And if you can't get pumped for this now, you don't need to be here."

(on any superstitions he may have) "No. The only thing I do is make sure I speak to my wife and kids and that's it."

(on being a veteran leader for his teammates) "Well, this is amazing. I have a great group of guys, I will tell you that. I am blessed to be at the level I am at. I am very fortunate to have the teammates that I have. It's been a special bunch all year. When things were down or things were tough, nobody put their head down, nobody pointed fingers. Everybody just got back to work. That's the one thing I respect from this team. The grit that we have, the commitment to one another that we have, the dedication that we have for one another. So my goal was I wanted to get them there. I wanted to be a part of getting them there because it's not about me. It's about all of them. We can go and do something that a lot of people can say that they couldn't do. We can do that. We set ourselves up to be in this position and all it takes is one more game and our best and if we do that, I'll be more happy for the team's success than any type of goal that I ever had in my career because this is the highest of the highest. I think we play football because we like the challenge that it gives us. It's 11 guys trying to stop somebody or 11 guys trying to score a touchdown, and you've got to put all of that together to make a team. And it's never about one person, it never is. (That's) not football. This is a true team. This is what it's all about: a true team. So the same way they feel towards me, I feel the same way towards them. I am happy that they're here now. I hope I can get them one."

(on the walk-through at the stadium before the game) "We will treat it just like any other away game. Being able to go see the clocks where the play-clock is, scoreboards, you name it. And I think guys will take advantage of that. Especially being the Super Bowl, I think you have a lot more guys out there just seeing the whole setup of the Super Bowl, which they should so they won't get blindsided when they take the field for the first time. I really don't know where is what but our bench. It'll be good for our guys to do this."


(on the challenges of playing at a fast tempo) "We love doing it, first. It gives us an advantage. We run a lot of plays. Hopefully, the plays go well. There's not a lot of disadvantages for us. Maybe the one thing that comes to mind is controlling the clock. We don't want to run three plays and be out and run 10 seconds off the clock. That would be a bad possession. You want to make sure you get the possession started with a good play, then from there you kind of roll into your up-tempo offense. You basically want to start off with a good play, get the clock rolling and then go from there. The only disadvantage would be punting the ball with 10 seconds run off the clock."

(on using a fast offense to get into a good rhythm during a game) "We love doing it. We do it pretty much every week as a drill. Every other day, really. We do it a lot, and we like doing it as receivers. You run a lot, but at the same time, you tire the defense out."

(on NFC teams being familiar with playing at the University of Phoenix Stadium) "I thought about that. I was in the division for four years, a couple of years ago, and I got real used to coming here and playing. I talked to some of my teammates that haven't been here, haven't played here. I don't think that's an issue just because the fields are the same size, really. This stadium kind of resembles Wembley Stadium. It's a bigger stadium, indoor. It's going to be good conditions with the grass, with the roof, with whatever it may be, but I think we'll be alright."

(on Wednesday's practice) "It was a great practice, honestly. We were excited to be out in this weather and run around and throw the ball. You didn't have to wear a couple of layers. It was a lot of fun."

(on the challenge that defenses face when determining eligible and ineligible receivers) "It's huge. When you break the huddle, the ones that are ineligible, the linemen have to tell the ref, and they acknowledge that on the loud speakers so the defense knows. The crowd will hear it, too. The challenge is it's kind of a different formation. You have to count your guys, you have to cover up the ones that are eligible and go from there. It's a little different but something other teams have got to practice."

(on how much additional film study is required to study plays that deal with eligible and ineligible receivers) "On our part, not a lot. They can install a play, and we can get it like that. We don't have to watch a lot of film. We trust what the coaches want to do, and that will work. Not really on us, but defensively, you've just got to account for everybody. So, it's a challenge."

(on wanting to win a championship) "It's been our goal since we opened up OTAs, since we opened up camp. It's one thing to make a Pro Bowl or to have your stats or have a good year, but to ultimately win the championship is why we play. That's been our goal from day one, and that's where we're at today."

(on if there is an impact on the team from former New England players who have won Super Bowls) "Absolutely. You can even get a feel for it when we're playing a game or it's like a practice or something at the stadium, and the organization brings back Troy Brown, Teddy Bruschi, these guys, and the fans just erupt because they have the Super Bowl ring. They're coming back, and everybody's stoked to see them, or they're in the Patriots hall of fame or something like that. Those are the things that really stand out that are most meaningful, not necessarily a couple of Pro Bowls, but the rings are what we're after."

(on the origins of the mantra "Do Your Job") "I want to say it's been around for longer than I was here. To me, personally, Do Your Job is everybody has a role on this team, no matter what it is. I like to think of it like our team is kind of like a car. Some guys might be the motor. Some guys might be the windshield wipers, the lights, the steering wheel. Other guys might be like the lug nuts or something, but the car's not going to run if you don't have the lug nuts on. No matter what it is, you've got to do your job.

(on if the coaches constantly remind the team of the mantra "Do Your Job") "A lot of times we've been in situations this year where we don't even worry about what the scoreboard says. We don't even look at the scoreboard. We know that if we do our job play in and play out, the scoreboard reflects how we play. Ultimately we usually come out on top."

(on the different personalities in the wide receivers room) "We'll start with (Brandon) "JoJo" Lafell. Great guy from Houston. We're both from Houston. We remember watching each other play in high school. JoJo's funny. He's always quoting movies, singing songs, keeping the mood light. (Julian) Edelman and I have been good friends for four or five years now. We're always joking around. We're always ripping on each other. (Matthew Slater) is like the equalizer. I don't know if you've seen the movie with Denzel (Washington), but Slate is like the father figure in our group. He gets us all right. If we mess up, he's going to get us right. B.T., Brian Tyms, he's like our loose cannon. He's a great player, fast, can take the top off coverages. Great guy to be around. Jonathan Krause, young cat, Vanderbilt, rookie. Just kind of wide-eyed but works hard every day, plays the game the right way, great athlete. Josh Boyce, great athlete from TCU. He's been like a little brother to me since he's come here. We're both from Texas. He's from Dallas, from central Texas, Dallas area. I'm from Houston, so we can relate that way. That's it, really."

(on the importance of overcoming injuries and being tough) "Coach (Chad) O'Shea does a great job. He told us early in the season that one of the main things that he wants from us is to be tough and to compete, and that's it. Everything else will follow. We'll get open, we'll catch the ball, we'll contribute, we'll make plays, but to be tough and to compete were our main goals."

(on Tom Brady's guidance) "(Tom) Brady's the ultimate technician. He'll come in and, if our split's a couple of inches off, then he'll get us right. He's been playing in this offense on this team for a very long team."

(on if wide receivers are forgotten among the talk of the strength of each team's secondary) "I think both teams have great wide receivers. I've seen a lot of film on them or when we've been scouting out other defenses, too. I think it's going to be fun for both sides. I love our group. Obviously, I feel like we have some talent, and we're going to make big plays this week, and we're all excited about it."

(on the safety of football and there is an appropriate age to begin playing) "I grew up in a football family. My dad was a high school football coach in Texas. I've been around the game my whole life. I wanted to play tackle football since I was six, seven years old. My dad wouldn't let me play until I was, like, 11, 12 years old. I remember there was a long time where I was like, 'Dad, why aren't you letting me play?' He was like, 'Your body's not matured.' He didn't want to burn me out early. I wanted to play, but he kind of held me back. I think the game now has changed. In 10 years, the NFL game has just changed for obvious reasons. It's important for high school kids, for middle school kids that are just starting to learn to play the game the right way. I know they have programs in line with tackling. Heads Up tackling, I think, is what it's called. As long as the coaches are teaching the game the right way at an early age and kind of go from there, I'm all for it. If I have kids that want to play, they're going to be able to play. When taught the right way, I feel like it's OK."

(on his long term health in playing football) "I've talked to some guys about this. Right now, I don't worry about anything. I don't have any kids, so some guys tell me when you have kids, that thing changes. You start to not only play for yourself but for your family and think about that. Right now, I play for my teammates. I play not necessarily for my own protection. It's a different deal."

(on if there are any rules that the NFL needs to change to make football safer) "I feel like all the rules are in place. I feel like they've changed the game enough. Guys are getting fined for hits now that you wouldn't get fined for a couple of years ago. Quarterback play, quarterbacks really don't get touched that much, which is great. I feel like the league has done a great job. Some older defensive players might say that they might as well just put flags on them and let them play flag football, but's still a very physical game. I feel like the league has done a good job of putting rules in."


(on people questioning him keeping closer relationships than allowed) "No, it doesn't bother me. People are going to assume what they assume. I can't change their minds. It doesn't matter (if they're right). People don't know what they're talking about, they just know what they think. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether it is right or wrong."

(on what the New England Patriots mean to him) "They mean a lot to me. It's a really family oriented team. Everybody looks out for everybody. Everybody supports everybody. That's one of the recipes to a winning football team. I just felt like after everything ending at Pittsburgh, I didn't know what to expect, but things just work out kind of funny."

(on his ability to have big games on big stages) "I feel like I have the ability to have a big game whenever they allow me to. It's an up and down situation considering the fact that you have 12 on your team. You got Tom (Brady) on your team. He has the ability to take over an entire game."

(on playing against the Seattle Seahawks run defense) "Whatever we have in the game plan is definitely probably going to need some adjustments. You never know what you have to do. Whenever the game starts, the game plan might not happen. It might go out the window. You don't know what you're going to get from the other team. If we're planning on running it and they decide not to let us run it, we're going to have to adjust to it. If we plan on throwing it and they decide not to let us throw it, we're going to have to adjust it. You never know until the game starts."

(on the importance of the first play of the game) "I don't think it's any more or any less important than any other snap in the game. I feel like this is the last game of the season. Every snap is important. You want to make the best out of every football play."

(on moving from Pittsburgh to New England) "I always hoped that I was going to be in the position to win a World Championship. It's a crazy feeling to know that you could possibly be the best team in the NFL."

(on the similarities between himself and Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch) "We both run the football hard. We both have good balance. We both have good vision. We both are pretty big guys and hard to tackle. So, it will be a good game. I feel like the guys have been giving the defense a real good look. They practice hard every day. Jonas (Gray), James (Develin), all those guys, they gave them a really good look, so I feel like they'll be good come Sunday."

(on the game plan and his role in the Super Bowl) "It's only Thursday. We're still working on that. I don't know how big my role is going to be. It just depends on how the game is going, until you know what the defense is going to be giving you out there. Marshawn (Lynch) is one of those running backs that doesn't get hurt. As long as you have guys to have your back that can come in there and be as effective as you can, then it's pretty good to have your legs fresh in the fourth quarter."

(on what he expects from the Seahawks front seven) "I expect them to play hard. I expect them to go out there and do what they have to do to try to get the job done in the game. They know what it takes to win the championship. They know what they have to do. There is nothing that you can say that's going to steer them away from what they've done. They've been through all this, they know how to avoid the distractions, and continue to play football."

(on Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman saying he's not immortal) "I didn't hear anything that he said. I don't really pay attention to what those guys say. I just know that he talks a lot of trash. It doesn't bother me. He's going to have to see me on Sunday. I'm going to have to see him. We're going to see just how much he can bring to the table."

(on his Super Bowl experience thus far) "It's been a wonderful experience. It's fun, it's a lot of fun. We've gotten a lot of stuff done. We get to come in here, hang out with you guys every day. Man, it's fun. I'm taking it all in. It's a little bit more than what I expected. It's been a fun ride."

(on not giving up this season despite challenges) "I was raised not to ever give up. I pray a lot. I make sure that I get on my knees and pray a lot. I talked to my parents, and they pulled me through the whole thing. You have to keep your composure. Things come to those who wait. You have to be patient and let the chips fall where they may."

(on signing his contract with New England) "You have a lot of supporters and that's why we stayed in touch and that's why we stayed really close. I didn't know I was coming. I just kind of showed up. I wanted to surprise the guys and they were excited to see me. There were a bunch of hugs. There were a bunch of jokes and laughs. So, it was a good feeling."

(on feeling nervous for the Super Bowl) "It's another football game. I feel like how many people watch it doesn't determine how I play. I do nothing out of the ordinary. I kind of hang out and listen to music until it's time to go play."

(on the importance of getting into the secondary) "It's really important. I know that they're a good team. I know that their safeties can tackle. I know that they're pretty good on the run. Hopefully when I get into the secondary we can make some guys miss. I feel like if you wear the guys down over the course of a game, eventually they're going to not want to tackle you as much. They're not going to be as willing to tackle you. Our offensive line has been doing great. Despite the fact that we've had to rotate some guys in and out because of injury, they don't miss a beat. They play really well. They're really disciplined, so they know what they're doing."

(on New England quarterback Tom Brady) "I feel like you guys have seen him play. You guys have seen him get hype. You guys have seen the head butts. He's a really intense guy and you're right, I feel like he hates losing more than anybody that I've ever been around. I feel like that's probably one of the biggest reasons why he wins so much."

(on the differences between Brady and Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger) "Tom (Brady) is the best quarterback in this league. I feel like he is going to go down in history as the best that ever played this game. Ben is a really, really competitive person too. They're both really good quarterbacks, but at the same time, there's a lot of things that Tom has done that he (Roethlisberger) hasn't."

(on having head coach Bill Belichick's trust) "Coach Belichick doesn't trust everybody. Bill puts his trust in the guys that he thinks are going to get the job done and that he thinks is going to be the best person to go out there and try to do the job. I appreciate that he trusts me that much."


(on how this week has been for him) "It has been awesome. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, not everybody gets a chance to play in the Super Bowl."

(on what he remembers most about the Seattle secondary) "It was a great group over there–same thing we have here, some of the best defensive backs in the league. We kind of bounce ideas off each other. Other than that, we talk about receivers and moves they like to use against cornerbacks."

(on playing with Darrelle Revis) "It is awesome. It is just like my situation in Seattle playing with (cornerback) Richard Sherman. Those are two of the best cornerbacks in the league. (It is) pretty cool."

(on if this experience is what he expected) "Yeah, media everywhere, everything you say gets blown up. Really I just want to play the game right now."

(on if he has an idea of what the Seattle are doing to prepare for this game) "Yeah a little bit. I was there three years, so I kind of know what (Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll) is telling those guys at this time. But at the end of the day, they will be ready for us, their game plan will be ready for us just like we have to be ready for them come Sunday in order to win the game."

(on if he knows a lot about the Seattle offense because he was there) "Yeah, but the staff here does a good job of getting guys ready. It is not hard. A fan can watch the game from home and tell how good of an athlete (quarterback) Russell Wilson is, (running back) Marshawn Lynch is, so we will have our hands full come Sunday."

(on his elbow comment earlier in the week) "(I didn't expect it to) blow up the way it did, but at the end of the day I don't regret anything I said because those guys know where I am coming from. It is about winning the championship. We play a violent game. We play football. It is not like we play water polo or swimming or anything like that. It is a physical game and we want to be as physical with those guys as we can."

(on if he feels like he is still a member of Seattle's Legion of Boom) "Off the field those are still my brothers. On the field my brothers are the guys I go to work with every day, guys that put their life on the line for me on Sundays. Those are the guys that I am meshing with at this point. Come offseason, those guys will be my friends again."

(on playing against Seattle in this game) "It is very cool. It is a unique situation. I am fortunate to be here and get the opportunity to get two back to back rings."

(on if he is ready for the game) "Most definitely I am ready for the game."

(on people saying it is going to be a tie game) "Somebody has to win. I don't think they will split rings or trophies or anything like that."

(on what the Patriots need to do to have a successful game) "We just have to execute the game plan and keep the mistakes to a minimum and I think we will be ok."

(on if this feels like a regular game or a different situation) "I think it is like a regular game. The outcome and the ramifications are a lot bigger. You can be the champion of the 2014-2015 season, but at the end of the day it is still football. To me, I hope me and my guys treat it like just a glorified practice, just go out there and do what we are expected to do. (We need to) do what we have been doing every day of every week all season long."

(on what he thinks about the Seahawks) "They're the champions for a reason. They have a great group over there."

(on if he has ill-will toward Seattle) "Not at all. It's like when anybody comes into your life to help you out in any kind of way, why would you turn sour toward those guys? They gave me an opportunity back at the NFL, so I am forever fortunate for the opportunity."

(on if New England Head Coach Bill Belichick used him to help study Seattle) "No, that is Belichick. He is going to cover all corners. That is why he is one of the best coaches in this league. I tried to help the guys as I could, but it seemed like Belichick had the guys down pat."

(on if being one of the most physical cornerbacks in the league is a title that he cherishes) "Most definitely because this is a tough man's game. So that is some big praise, so I appreciate that comment from whoever it came from over there."

(on Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin) "I think he is the quickest receiever in the game, honestly, hands down."

(on if there is added motivation playing against his former team) "Most definitely, I am playing for a ring and also bragging rights in the offseason because I still go to those guys' charity events and youth camps for the kids. That is what I am looking forward to."

(on Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch) "As a person he is a really great guy. He has a unique personality. He will get along with anybody in the room. He will lighten up the room. Personally, I wouldn't let the league take that much money from me. At the end of the day, I don't think that he should be required to speak to everyone. I think that he should find a group of guys that he has become familiar with and talk to those guys. It has just been tough for him."

(on how important it is to bring intensity to practice) "Very important because we play a violent game, tough game. You need the energy for the edge or what not."

(on how different Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll and Belichick are) "Bill is old school, what I grew up on, running after practices. Playing in Seattle, it was a little more loose around there. We would shoot hoops in the meeting room before the meeting would start. On the way to meetings you would hear your favorite music blasting in the hallways. It is two different coaching styles, but at the end of the day they are both, I think, the best in the league."

(on how relieved he is that after today he doesn't have to speak to the media) "That is the biggest thing I am looking forward to because I am answering the same questions all day long. I am just ready to play the game."

(on if the New England secondary has its own nickname) "No name required."

(on if people disregard Lynch's ability to cut) "I don't think you can disregard that. It is seen on film. It is evident. That is just how good it is because people see it and still get burned by it."

(on if a quick-cut running back or a between the tackles type of runner is harder to tackle) "I would say the elusive back for a simple fact that he can make you miss at times. What is cool about the challenge this week is that Marshawn can do both really well."

(on his experience in Seattle) "Probably one of the best times of my career playing football. They are a really good group of guys to play for. They are highly competitive. I had a good time there."

(on if he is still friends with the guys in Seattle) "Yeah most definitely. I still talk to those guys on the regular. I just didn't talk to them this week because of the ramifications behind the Super Bowl."


(on how playing in his sixth Super Bowl will help New England quarterback Tom Brady) "A lot, a lot. Through the end of the day, the quarterback play is very important, especially in a game like this. He has the most experience out of anybody combined and I think it's going to help us a great deal. He's a fierce competitor and he's shown that throughout the years. And for me, getting here this year halfway through the year, I can see that firsthand now."

(on New England head coach Bill Belichick) "When he talks about the other team, he knows every player. He knows the guys that have been there and the guys that are coming. But he's that in-depth about everything and he feels all his players should be too. So he has all of us prepare week-in and week-out in every gameplan."

(on how he takes to coaching in the film room) "They do make it a little easier for us when they give us information. That always makes it a little easier, but at the same time as a professional athlete, you have to make sure you're on point as well because sometimes you might see something they don't and that's when you do bring it up to them. And then they'll look back and see it too. We all work together here to win games. The coaches do it, but it's our job as players to do it as well."

(on his fondest memory as a Wisconsin Badger) "I have a lot of good memories. The bowl wins were sweet. We beat a really good Arkansas team and we beat a really good Auburn team as well. Those were sweet memories. The blocked punt against Minnesota in 2005, personally that was a crucial highlight and biggest play leading up to that point in my career as a football player. A lot of memories and good times, but if you gave me some time to think about it, I'll probably think of one, but now I've got to think about it."

(on Wisconsin football coach Paul Chryst returning to coach the Badgers) "Good for him. I think he is an unbelievable man and great coach. For him to come back to his alma mater where he played ball at. He's coached there for a while and now you get back and be the head coach, unbelievable."

(on the difference between this Super Bowl and his first Super Bowl appearance with New Orleans) "Well, I'm not in total awe of everything. My first year, my rookie year, I didn't know anything about anything. Literally. Everything was a learning curve for me, from the first game of the preseason to how we had to get dressed for flights and leading up to the Super Bowl and the biggest sporting event ever was a little overwhelming. Now it's like my second go-around. You have to put things in perspective. Media is so much bigger even from 2010 to now. The Media Day on Tuesday was in a big arena. You had fans there, that wasn't the case before. You have to put everything in perspective. We're only here for one reason, to win the game. When you put it in perspective and you focus in on that, I appreciate it a lot."

(on how to stay focused during a huge game) "Try not to do too much different because you don't want to be up or down, you don't want to be overly excited. You might do it too fast or too early, you might not have a lot left in the tank. So being the same person that I was all year, I felt like we played good ball. And whatever works, I am going to continue to do it. And if I do see a guy that might be doing a little too much or a little extra, that might throw you off a little bit. Stick to the routine and game day itself will be enough motivation for you to really get up. If you can't get up for a Super Bowl and be all fired up for it, you're in the wrong business."

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