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Patriots reveal Halloween costumes on Snapchat

The Patriots Snapchat is getting spooky this week and asking your favorite players about all things Halloween.

Halloween is almost upon us. All things haunted, spooky and scary have hit New England, and the Patriots are no exception.

All week, the Patriots Snapchat is taking fans into the Patriots locker room to get crucial answers to the Halloween questions Patriots Nation need to know. Today kicked off with arguably the most important and difficult Q: What are you going as for Halloween?

Jimmy Garoppolo is leaving football behind for the night to transform into one of the most legendary fictional baseball players of all time: Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez. Just give him a Los Angeles Dodgers hat and a bat and he will instantly become the "Sandlot" sensation.

Patrick Chung and his son will be kicking it old school, dressing up as Bowser and Mario respectively. Ryan Allen will also be taking a step back in time by dressing up as a middle schooler.

To the delight of all (especially Chris Long), Rob Ninkovich will be ditching the clown costume for something significantly less terrifying. Instead, he'll be dressing up as a monkey. Not to be outdone, Nate Solder is also going the animal route this Halloween. He, his wife and son are dressing up as the Three Bears of "Goldilocks" fame.

Chris Long will be embracing the nation's collective obsession with Ken Bone, as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The man in the red sweater that stole the show of the second presidential debate will surely be a popular choice this Halloween.

Nate Ebner and his girlfriend will be bringing combic books to life this year. Wolverine and Mystique will be out in full force, taking on Halloween X-Men style. While Nate will be pulling from the world of comic books, Geneo Grissom is jumping straight out of Westeros. Winter is indeed coming, and Geneo's watch is set to begin as Jon Snow. 

For more Halloween exclusives from the Patriots locker room this week, follow the Patriots on Snapchat. Snapchat stories only last for 24 hours, so you won't want to wait! 


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