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Patriots Super Bowl Ring Ceremony footage released by NFL Films

Take a walk down memory lane and relive all of the action from the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX ring ceremony.

Check out our favorite photos from the Super Bowl XLIX Championship Ring ceremony held at the home of Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft on Sunday, June 14, 2015.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to slip a Super Bowl Championship ring on your finger? While most of us may not have the honor of wearing championship jewelry, we can live vicariously through our favorite Patriots **players celebrating their Super Bowl XLIX victory**

NFL Films released a video last Wednesday that showed the Patriots receiving their rings at owner Robert Kraft’s home. In it, we see Tom Brady eagerly waiting to put on his fourth ring and head coach Bill Belichick congratulating the team on its thrilling season. 

"It was a tremendous year," Coach Belichick said. "You should be extremely proud of what you did and extremely proud of what this team did. Thank you Mr. Kraft for putting this night together for us. This is awesome."

Players waited until everyone received their boxes before opening them as a team, displaying the classic Patriot way. Tight end Rob Gronkowski marveled at the largest Super Bowl ring ever made, while Julian Edelman kissed his first ring.

The clip also features shots from the exciting game including touchdowns from Julian and Malcolm Butler's game-winning interception.

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