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Patriots twins show off fresh cuts with Gillette

Devin and Jason McCourty and Jacob and Cody Hollister strutted their stuff on the runway for a Gillette event for twins.

Patriots fans were seeing double double this week. 

At Gillette event in New York City this week, both sets of Patriots twins hit the stage together for the first time. Devin and Jason McCourty joined Jacob and Cody Hollister strutted their stuff on the runway with fresh cuts and a newly styled facial hair. The event, hosted by Justin Hartley of "This is Us," was part of the "One Size Does Not Fit Every Man" campaign launch, showing that every guy (even twins) have unique needs when it comes to grooming. 

With five sets of identical twins, the Patriots represented well, and in a video posted to Jacob's Instagram, even Justin can't believe the team has two sets of twins. 

Though Devin, Jason, Jacob and Cody typically spend days on the football and not the catwalk, they didn't break a sweat. Each came out and showed off their new look, exuding confidence all the while. 

Whether the Patriots twins plan on hitting the runway again or not, they killed it for Gillette. Now, good luck telling them apart.

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