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Patriots well represented in 'NFL AM's' Top 100 Plays of 2013

The Patriots had four amazing plays make 'NFL AM's' Top 100 Plays of 2013 list.

91. Develin goes beast mode into the endzone

New England Patriots fullback James Develin breaks tackles and pushes his way into the endzone to land on the list of top 100 plays of 2013.

52. McCourty and Cole play tip drill

The New England Patriots' defensive backfield executes the tip drill to perfection, earning Devin McCourty and Marquice Cole the 52nd-best play of 2013 , according to "NFL AM."

28. Edelman takes to the sky

Tom Brady finds Julian Edelman who shows off his moves to escape Broncos' defenders and earn a spot on the list of " Top 100 Plays of 2013."

1. Unicorns! Show ponies! Where's the beef?!

Coming in at the top spot is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady finding Kenbrell Thompkins for the game winning touchdown against the New Orleans Saints.

Reliving 'NFL AM's' top play of 2013

New England Patriots radio host Scott Zolak joins "NFL AM" to discuss the Patriots 2014 season outlook and also explains how he'll top his memorable "Unicorns, show ponies, where's the beef" play call from last season.

Do you agree with the No. 1 play? Share your favorite Patriots plays from last year in the comment section below!

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