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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Cornerbacks

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the CB prospects entering the 2016 NFL Draft.

Draft Rankings By Position:

QB | RB | TE | WR | OL | CB | DT | DE| ILB | OLB | S

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the cornerbacks.

* - indicates underclassman


1 | Vernon Hargreaves III*, Florida

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 204 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: 3X All-SEC. Plays the run and tackles. Closes and high points. Physical and hands on. Pretty fluid. Aggressive. Plays confident and controlled.

Paul Perillo: Strong hands; Great ball skills, high points ball well; Tough and physical tackler; Gets underneath receivers consistently; Strong cover guy.

2 | Mackensie Alexander*, Clemson

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 190 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: Cocky, but in a good way. Zero career interceptions. Thick frame. Lacks elite height. Film junkie who lives to get better. Good body position and runs routes before receiver at times. Hits. Little handsy and will draw flags. Great upside.

Paul Perillo:Strong cover giy; Physical; Shows great instincts; Lacks ball skills; solid.

3 | Eli Apple*, Ohio State

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 199 | 40: 4.4

Andy Hart: Taller. Physical. Plays man and zone. Tracks ball well. Bigger, longer but quickness is the question.

Paul Perillo: Good size and ball skills; Physical; Aggressive in coverage; Faster than quick.

4 | William Jackson III, Houston

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 189 | 40: 4.37

Andy Hart: Riser due to Combine 40. Feisty and hands-on player. Decent height. Not a real big or small CB, blend of style. Too handsy at times and will draw flags early in NFL career.

Paul Perillo:Physical; Shows nice leverage undercutting receivers; Likes to jump routes; Aggressiveness could lead to flags.

5 | Kendall Fuller*, Virginia Tech

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 187 | 40: 4.48

Andy Hart: Meniscus injury, only 3 games last fall. 3YR starter. Smart. Tracks and plays ball well. High points. Confident. Not overly physical. Arm tackles. 

Paul Perillo:Good range; Solid coverage; Can play in the slot; Good ball skills despite questionable hands; Plays with confidence.


Will Redmond, Mississippi State

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 182 | 40: 4.45

Andy Hart: Oct. ACL. Only 7 career starts. Fluid and reactive. Good reads and instincts. Goes and gets it. Not afraid.

Paul Perillo: Closes well; Good physical tackler; Mirrors receivers; Reacts quickly; Disciplined.

Zach Sanchez*, Oklahoma

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 185 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: 15 career INT. 37 starts. Good ball skills. Blitzes and finishes. Wild at times. Good reactions and instinticts. Straight speed?

Paul Perillo: Good in run support; Shows ability to cover deep ball; Undercuts routes nicely; Will stick his nose in and get physical; Well-rounded CB.

D.J. White, Georgia Tech

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 193 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: 3YR starter. Played a lot of schemes. Captain. Shows great effort and fight. Good body control. Finishes and makes plays. Fluid and confident. Great mid-round value.

Paul Perillo: Fights through receivers; Versatile; Undercuts receivers aggressively; Athletic; Good tackler.

Cyrus Jones, Alabama

HEIGHT:5-10 | WEIGHT: 197 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: Former WR. SPT/PR. 6 fumbles as a returner. Smooth and confident in coverage. High points ball. Good stop-and-go. Just physical enough. Feisty. Knocks balls away. Tackles. Versatile with some upside. 

Paul Perillo: Four-down player; Plays with an edge; Shows good technique/instincts; Scrappy and willing tackler.

Artie Burns*, Miami

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 193 | 40: 4.46

Andy Hart:Track guy. Led ACC 6 INT. Not overly fluid. Does fight for ball. Not a hitter. Feisty. Knack for knocking ball away.

Paul Perillo: Better athlete than football player; Not physical as a tackler; Plays the ball well.

Jalen Mills, LSU

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 191 | 40: 4.61

Andy Hart: FS? 4Yr starter. Off-field questions. Lacks elite speed. Doesn't wow as a playmaker. Not explosive. Blitzes and hits. Meh.

Paul Perillo: FS-type; Likes to play in the blox; Good range as a tackler; Trails too often in coverage.

Xavien Howard*, Baylor

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 201 | 40: 4.58

Andy Hart:Big and long. 2YR starter. Not overly fluid or smooth. Can tackle. Reacts well and plays the ball. May be a FS in the NFL, would have more upside there.

Paul Perillo:Runs routes with receivers; Likes press style; Tough-nosed player; Good ball skills; Recovers well; Speed could be a question.

Harlan Miller, SE Louisiana

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 182 | 40: 4.65

Andy Hart: Speed? 3YR starter. 11 INT career. Press. Good size. Lanky. Goes and gets it at high point. Not quick or explosive. PR.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Maurice Canady, Virginia

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 193 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: 33 starts. PR. Looks the part of a big CB. Pretty fluid and athletic. Big enough to be more physical. Upside.

Paul Perillo:Aggressive with good size; Gets turned around at times but sticks with it; Scrappy.

James Bradberry, Samford

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 211 | 40: 4.45

Andy Hart: 4YR starter. Great size. Comp. level is obvious question. Good job knocking balls away. Tackles high and wraps. Future as FS? Upside.

Paul Perillo: Good size; Physical with good ball skills; Good tackler; Tough; I-AA competition a concern.

Eric Murray, Minnesota

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 199 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: 3YR starters. Only average breaks and fluidity. Good form tackles.

Paul Perillo: Solid cover guy; Good tackler; Not as quick as fast; Technique inconsistent.

Deiondre Hall, Northern Iowa

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 199 | 40: 4.68

Andy Hart: Speed is a question. Played S and CB, may be more of the former. 46 starts. 11 INT last two years. Size and versatility. High points ball. Good ball skills.

Paul Perillo: Versatility to play CB and S; Good hands and ability to high point; Speed will make S more of an option.

Kevin Peterson, Oklahoma State

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 181 | 40: 4.58

Andy Hart: Captain. Cover corner. Physical. Tackles. Good instincts and breaks on balls/routes. OK field speed. Can make plays. Doesn't always see ball. Upside.

Paul Perillo: Good cover skills; Makes some plays; Good instincts. solid late-round option.

Tavon Young, Temple

HEIGHT:5-9 | WEIGHT: 183 | 40: 4.46

Andy Hart: Small. Scrappy. Breaks on ball. Instincts. Drifts in zone well. Quick and feisty. Fights and finishes. If he can overcome size, he can play. Probably a backup, though.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Cre'von Leblanc, Florida Atlantic

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 192 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart: Aggressive breaks. Feisty. Will hit. Plays run. No quit. Tracks and reacts to ball. Could be late-round option.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Rashard Robinson*, LSU

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 171 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: Suspended 2015. Academic issues. Only 18 college games played. Tall and lanky. some up side, but risky.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Morgan Burns, Kansas State

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 200 | 40: 4.4

Andy Hart:KOR/PR. 24 starts. Faster than quick. Doesn't locate ball well.

Paul Perillo:No Comments.

Jonathan Jones, Auburn

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 186 | 40: 4.33

Andy Hart: Track star. Short. Tackles. Gets pushed around by bigger receivers. Not timid. But too small. Backup.

Paul Perillo: Small and fast; Lacks strength to fight with receivers; Athleticism is apparent but size and issue.

Briean Boddy-Calhoun, Minnesota

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 193 | 40: 4.47

Andy Hart: 9 INT last two years. Captain. Feisty. Closes and makes plays. Tracks ball well. Not a great tackler.

Paul Perillo:Lacks size but makes some plays; Good ball skills; Doesn't like to get physical.

Donte Deayon, Boise State

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 155 | 40: 4.46

Andy Hart:Tiny. Small but hits. Good breaks. Decent positioning. Can be easily outjumped. PR. Just too small.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Daryl Worley*, West Virginia

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 204 | 40: 4.46

Andy Hart: 6 INT 2015. 3YR starter. Off-field questions of 2014 assault on woman. Good size. Very hands-on. Good length. Not quick. Gets beat at line. FS? Only chance is as FS.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Juston Burris, North Carolina State

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 212 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: 43 starts. LIkes to hit. CB/S tweener. Not much tape.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Mike Hilton, Mississippi

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 179 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: Height is hard to overlook (or, lol, easy, to overlook!) but guy can play. Active and versatile. Aggressive. Blitzes. Tackles. Physical. Simply a very small football player, but a football player none the less.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Kevon Seymour, USC

HEIGHT:6-0 | WEIGHT: 185 | 40: 4.44

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Mike Jordan, Missouri Western

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 200 | 40: 4.55

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Frankie Willliams, Purdue

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 190 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Cheatham Norrils, Toledo

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 195 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo:No Comments.

Lloyd Carrington, Arizona State

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 196 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Ken Crawley, Colorado

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 184 | 40: 4.51

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo:No Comments.

Taveze Calhoun, Mississippi State

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 192 | 40: 4.58

Andy Hart:Physical and aggressive. Wrap-up tackler who breaks down. Closes well and high points. Tackles well. Zone and man. Good size and fast enough. Late value, for sure.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

J.J. Whittaker, San Diego State

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 182 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Brian Poole, Florida

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 209 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart:Collarbone injury. Comes up in run support and sheds. Stocky build but not a thumper. S?

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

LeShaun Sims, Southern Utah

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 201 | 40: 4.45

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Bennett Okotcha, Texas - San Antonio

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 195 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Adairius Barnes, Louisiana Tech

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 188 | 40: 4.48

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Joshua Holsey, Auburn

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 198 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Kenya Dennis, Missouri

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 200 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Ian Wells, Ohio

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 202 | 40: 4.58

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Ronald Zamort, Western Michigan

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 178 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Arjen Colquhoun, Michigan State

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 197 | 40: 4.58

Andy Hart:No Comments

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Trevor Williams, Penn State

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 196 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Duke Thomas, Texas

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 176 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Cleveland Wallace III*, San Jose State

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 177 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Vernon Harris, Dartmouth

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 195 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Prince Charles Iworah, Western Kentucky

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 194 | 40: 4.44

Andy Hart:No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Draft Rankings By Position:

QB | RB | TE | WR | OL | CB | DT | DE| ILB | OLB | S

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