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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Defensive Tackle

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the defensive tackle prospects entering the 2015 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the defensive tackles.
* - indicates underclassman



1 | *Leonard Williams, USC

6-4, 302, 4.97

Andy Hart:Captain. Toys w/ offensive linemen at times. Strong punch. Can beat double teams. Plays fast. Uses hands well. Patient.

2 | Danny Shelton, Washington

6-2, 339, 5.64

Andy Hart:A young Vince Wilfork. A tree stump with impressive athleticism. Quick off ball. Great motor and pursuit. All-American, player and student. Total package.

3 |*Malcom Brown, Texas

6-2, 319, 5.05

Andy Hart:Ability to penetrate and two-gap. Quick off the ball. Decent hands. Quick to finish. Good motor.

4 | *Eddie Goldman, Florida State

6-4, 336, 5.27

Andy Hart:Carries weight well. Moves really well. Holds up vs. DBL. Pocket collapser. Needs to use hands better at times and gets too high at times.

5 | Marcus Hardison, Arizona State

6-3, 307, 4.97

Andy Hart:Interior pass rusher. 1 year guy. Quick. Lean build. Athletic. DE in DT body. Runs down plays. Big upside.


*Jordan Phillips, Oklahoma

6-5, 329, 5.17

Andy Hart:Big man. Basically a 1 year guy. Plays too high at times. Not a truly elite player now, more of a upside projection.

*Xavier Cooper, Washington State

6-3, 293, 4.86

Andy Hart:Interior rusher. Athletic. Ascending talent. Relentless and versatile. Pops up a little at times. NFL starter but not star.

Michael Bennett, Ohio State

6-2, 288, 5.04

Andy Hart:Definite interior pass rush ability. Little light in his pants. OK quickness. Average motor.

*Christian Covington, Rice

6-2, 289, 5.9

Andy Hart:Stout and quick. Smallish. Aggressive and finishes. Chris Jones type? Canadian.

Derrick Lott, Chattanooga

6-4, 314, 4.99

Andy Hart:Developmental 3-4 end skills. Thick with nice build. Has a little burst. Can finish. Needs to use hands better.

Carl Davis, Iowa

6-5, 320, 5.07

Andy Hart:Gets pushed around and turned too much. Stops feet. Can play stout at times. Gets locked up.

Joey Mbu, Houston

6-3, 313, 5.54

Andy Hart:Run plugger. Captain. Developmental nose tackle.

Chucky Hunter, TCU

6-0, 296, 4.99

Andy Hart:3YR starter. Can move and pursue. Good athlete and speed. Runs around blocks and not a stout player. Let's OL get to his body too often.

Gabe Wright, Auburn

6-3, 300, 5.07

Andy Hart:Quick, violent and finishes. But hot and cold. Closes on plays and penetrates.

Grady Jarrett, Clemson

6-1, 304, 5.06

Andy Hart:Captain. Penetrates. Never been hurt. Not fast or overaly stout. Proably NFL backup.

Tyeler Davidson, Fresno State

6-2, 315, 5.18

Andy Hart:Prett quick. Decent power. Upside as a experienced nose tackle type.

*Darius Philon, Arkansas

6-2, 272, 4.93


*Ellis McCarthy, UCLA

6-4, 338, 5.21

Andy Hart:NT. Backup. Run plugger. Can run for size. Stands up and catches blockers too often. Knee injuries.

Kaleb Eulls, Mississippi State

6-3, 305, 5.14

Andy Hart:52 starts. Can anchor when stays low. Can chase too. NFL backup.

Louis Trinca-Pasat, Iowa

6-1, 290, 4.96

Andy Hart:Stumpy. Captain. Decent production. Backup type.

Xavier Williams, Northern Iowa

6-2, 325, 5.18

Andy Hart:Not as strong as his size would suggest. Gets blocked too often. Decent college player. NFL?

Leterrius Walton, Central Michigan

6-5, 321, 5.19


James Castleman, Oklahoma State

6-3, 311, 5.12


Travis Raciti, San Jose State

6-4, 288, 5.12

Andy Hart:4YR starter. Undersized guy who got by on his motor.

Warren Herring, Wisconsin

6-2, 294, 5.06


Deon Simon, Northwestern St.

6-3, 332, 5.47


Brandon Ivory, Alabama

6-2, 309, 5.4

Andy Hart:Backup NT. Hard to move. Slow. Not quick or athletic. But can certainly take up space.

Darius Kilgo, Maryland

6-4, 320, 5.34


Daryl Waud, Western Ontario

6-5, 294, 5.04


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