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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Running Back

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the RB prospects entering the 2015 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the running backs.
* - indicates underclassman


1 | Todd Gurley*, Georgia

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 222 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart: ACL is obvious concern. Fluid, powerful, patient. Good size/speed combo. Decent stiff arm. Elite potential.

Paul Perillo: Total package of size and speed; KOR; Definite HR threat; ACL concern; Power and speed. Excellent.

2 | Melvin Gordon*, Wisconsin

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 215 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart: Great production. Decent vision and a gliding shiftiness. Takes too many hits at times. Lot of carries. Elite?

Paul Perillo: Quick feet; Finishes runs; Big play threat; Great production.

3 | Duke Johnson*, Miami

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 207 | 40: 4.54


Andy Hart: Nice jump cuts and burst. Decent stiff arm. Not afraid to put his head down, but not a ton of power. Does break some tackles.

Paul Perillo: Small but productive; Cuts quickly with agility; Breaks tackles; Lots of production; Third-down potential; Loves Vereen.

4 | Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 205 | 40: 4.6

Andy Hart: Good football speed and quickness. 4,500 career yards. Jump cuts and nice wiggle. Playmaker. Good off-field rep. 3rd down guy?

Paul Perillo: Small but good power; Quick feet, elusive; Good explosion to outsie; Versatile.

5 | Jeremy Langford, Michigan State

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 208 | 40: 4.42

Andy Hart: Not huge, but could be three-down option. Good stiff arm. Avg. power and shiftiness. More versatile than explosive. Matt Forte?

Paul Perillo: Good size and toughness; Breaks tackles; Good speed, receiving ability; Falls forward and moves the pile. Solid.

6 | Tevin Coleman*, Indiana

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 206 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart: Big-play guy. Third down type. Aggressive. Burst doesn't match plays. Returner too.

Paul Perillo: Quick, one-cut runner; Finds space; Will lower shoulder despite average size; Breaks tackles.

7 | Mike Davis*, South Carolina

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 217 | 40: 4.61


Andy Hart: Thick. Decent quickness. Pretty decisive. Lowers shoulder and maximizes yards. Catches passes. Durability?

Paul Perillo: Workhorse type; Moves the pile; Not a burner but lots of production; Wear and tear?

8 | Jay Ajayi*, Boise State

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 221 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart: NCAA-high 397 touches. Fumbles. Not super quick and a little stiff. Versatile and productive with very good size.

Paul Perillo: Runs a bit upright; Bounces outside too much; Decent burst; Good receiver.

9 | T.J. Yeldon*, Alabama

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 226 | 40: 4.61

Andy Hart: Some injury and fumbling concerns. Runs upright with decent burst shiftiness. But don't love his burst. Weaver. Third down guy?

Paul Perillo: Ball security issues; Good burst but not a bruiser; Has versatility; Has some shake.

10 | David Johnson, Northern Iowa

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 224 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: Good hands and production as receiver. Thick. Decent vision. Avg. quickness. Runs upright.

Paul Perillo: Good size and production; Used as a receiver; Another upright runner.

11 | Javorius Allen*, USC

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 221 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: Upright, patient, slasher. Lean build. Decent vision. Can catch ball.

Paul Perillo: Versatile with decent speed; Shows good hands and ability to make people miss; Solid mid-round type.

12 | Matt Jones*, Florida

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 231 | 40: 4.61

Andy Hart: Big body and power. Not great speed or quickness, but fast enough on football field. Not huge production, for various reasons.

Paul Perillo: He's a load but moves well; Not a burner but fast enough; Good feet and hands; Interesting package of skills.


David Cobb, Minnesota

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 229 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart: Average overall but very solid. Good production.

Paul Perillo: Modest size buy carried the offense; Nothing flashy but steady overall.

Cameron Artis-Payne, Auburn

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 212 | 40: 4.53

No Comments.

Josh Robinson*, Mississippi State

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 217 | 40: 4.7

Andy Hart: Bowling ball. Keeps his feet. Nice little burst. Slippery and patient with decent vision.

Paul Perillo: Productive, versatile player in a small package; Moves the pile despite size.

Terrence Magee, LSU

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 213 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart: Committee guy. Can catch. Former HS QB. Avg. speed and quickness. Keeps legs churning. Breaks some tackles.

Paul Perillo: Typical LSU guy in that he shared the load; Shows good hands, versatility; Decent speed.

Dominique Brown, Louisville

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 234 | 40: 4.62

Andy Hart: Not much production. Position (H-Back?). Not fast. Looks like a project.

Paul Perillo: Unimpressive.

Malcolm Brown, Texas

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 223 | 40: 4.59


No Comments.

Karlos Williams, Florida State

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 230 | 40: 4.48

Andy Hart: Drug and Domestic violence red flags. Big and fast. Hesitant at times. Looks like SPT option.

Paul Perillo: Lots of red flags but on the field produced; Good size and speed; Big part of the Seminoles offense.

Malcolm Agnew, Southern Illinois

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 202 | 40: 4.59


Andy Hart: Oregon St. transfer. Lots of injuries. Quick feet. Keeps feet. Decent spin move. Likes to bounce out. Ray Agnew's son.

Paul Perillo: Durability questions; Good feet; Decent.

Marcus Murphy, Missouri

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 188 | 40: 4.5


Andy Hart: Paul Perillo:

Michael Dyer, Louisville

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 218 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: Red flags from time at Auburn and Arkansas State. Productive. Low and powerful. Keeps feet. Finishes runs. Patient.

Paul Perillo: Good speed; Small but explosive; Lots of character questions; Deceptive power.

John Crockett, North Dakota State

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 217 | 40: 4.62

Andy Hart: Good size. Squares up pads. Can catch. So-so speed. Level of competition?

Paul Perillo: Good hands and feet; Not exceptionally fast; Good size; Interesting prospect but will have to make a big jump.

Kenny Hilliard, LSU

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 226 | 40: 4.83

Andy Hart: Big bruiser. Avg. or worse quickness and speed. Not extra gear or burst. College backup.

Paul Perillo: Nothing exceptional. Slow and not much quickness. Maybe a special teams prospect?

Dee Hart, Colorado State

HEIGHT: 5-7 | WEIGHT: 199 | 40: 4.8

Andy Hart: Alabama transfer. Shifty and quick. Not fast. Tough. Small. SPT at Bama.

Paul Perillo: Small but quick; Lacks speed.

Trey Williams*, Texas A&M

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 195 | 40: 4.46


No Comments.

Thomas Rawls, Central Michigan

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 217 | 40: 4.63

Central Michigan running back Thomas Rawls runs a drill during the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, February 21, 2015 in Indianapolis, IN. (AP Photo/Ben Liebenberg)

No Comments.

Dreamius Smith, West Virginia

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 217 | 40: 4.63


No Comments.

Corey Grant, Auburn

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 205 | 40: 4.34


No Comments.

B.J. Catalon*, TCU

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 190 | 40: 4.49

No Comments.

Braylon Heard*, Kentucky

HEIGHT: 5-7 | WEIGHT: 186 | 40: 4.57


Andy Hart: KOR, catches, athlete. College athlete and playmaker. But small. Not elite speed. Meh.

Paul Perillo: Did a little of everything at UK but nothing stood out. Good athlete with good hands and versatility.

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