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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Running Back

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the RB prospects entering the 2016 NFL Draft.

Draft Rankings By Position:

QB | RB | TE | WR | OL | CB | DT | DE| ILB | OLB | S

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the running backs.
* - indicates underclassman


1 |  Ezekiel Elliott*, Ohio State

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 225 | 40: 4.47

Andy Hart: Quick, decisive cuts. Good power. Breaks away. Two years of great production. Gets up field. Good feet. Best back in the class by far.

Paul Perillo: Strong and fast; Shows toughness between tackles; HR hitter; Solid.

2 | Derrick Henry*, Alabama

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 247 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: Production is obvious. But ton of carries are a concern. Biggest physical question is quickness. Good vision and straight speed. Power is obvious, even when running high. NFL upside?

Paul Perillo: Tremendous production; Heavy workload; Can be slow getting to hole; Has good speed but isn't quick; Great job of finding daylight once he gets going.

3 | Kenneth Dixon*, Louisiana Tech

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 215 | 40: 4.56

Andy Hart: 3 1,000 yard seasons with 800-plus career carries. Great production. Plays fast. Can lower shoulder. Plays violent and with an edge. Full-speed wiggle. Lots to like. Lots.

Paul Perillo: Productive and versatile; Moves the pile despite his size; Runs angry; Cuts quickly; Solid.

4 | Jordan Howard*, Indiana

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 230 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart: NFL lead back size. Shifty. Jump cuts. Gets low. Solid finisher. Lacks elite speed. LIkes to be the hammer.

Paul Perillo: Squirts through holes; Bounces off tackles; Finds gaps; Can catch the ball; Solid all around. 

5 | C.J. Prosise*, Notre Dame

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 220 | 40: 4.48

Andy Hart: Former WR with really only one RB year. Obviously can catch. Versatile. Good vision. Runs too upright. Five fumbles last year. Upside but will need to develop.

Paul Perillo: Scrappy; Good size; Great hands; Worth developing.


Jonathan Williams, Arkansas

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 220 | 40: 4.63

Andy Hart: Missed 2015 with a foot injury. Decent body control. Shared load with Collins. Not overly fast. Breaks arm tackles. Keeps moving. 

Paul Perillo: Good not great speed; moves pile; Strong runner; Good feet and vision; Hits hole hard.

Alex Collins*, Arkansas

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 217 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart:3 straight 1,000-yard seasons. Likes contact. Quick feet. Stutter cuts. 16 career fumbles is a major concern. Too much pitter patter at times. Good but not elite speed. Needs to get lower at contact.

Paul Perillo: Good speed and will run between tackles but ack breakaway speed; Fine line between patience and indecisveness at times; Ball security issues

Kenyan Drake, Alabama

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 210 | 40: 4.45

Andy Hart: Obvious versatility. Can run and catch. Jack of all trades. Role? Good size/speed combo. Hits hole. Athlete more than pure RB or WR or anything else.

Paul Perillo: Looks like more of a receiver; lines up wide at times; Good hands and shows toughness; Runs with good lean; Breaks tackles.

Devontae Booker, Utah

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 219 | 40: 4.56

Andy Hart: Knee injury late last season. Doesn't play overly fast. Lot of jump cuts. Captain. Seems to find the hole. Good vision. Left-handed ball carrier.

Paul Perillo: Bounces everything wide; Gets small in hole; Shows good vision and finds daylight.

DeAndre Washington, Texas Tech

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 204 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: Very good career production, rushing and catching. Good wiggle and slips tackles. Undersize lead back? Late value? More than functional fast. 

Paul Perillo: Small but real quick feet; Runds tough; Nice patience; Nose for the end zone; HR hitter; Reminds me of K. Faulk.

Tyler Ervin, San Jose State

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 192 | 40: 4.41

Andy Hart: Breakout 5th year. KOR and PR. CAtches. Passing back. Fast with burst. 1-cut. Upside. 

Paul Perillo:Quick and fast; Smooth route runner; Good hands and is a willing blocker; Ret ability; Solid.

Paul Perkins*, UCLA

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 208 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: Very good production. Can catch the ball a little. Slasher, Note as quick as he should be. Committee guy

Paul Perillo: Good receiver; elusive; Shows good strength; Solid complementary piece.

Storm Barrs-Woods, Oregon State

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 213 | 40: 4.71

Andy Hart: Catches and runs. Versatile. Runs low with lean. Not very fast. Decent vision. OK feet. Not much power.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Brandon Wilds, South Carolina

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 220 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart:Very confident athlete. Production never matched talent. Very good runner. Well rounded.Not elite speed or quickness. Slows on contact.

Paul Perillo:No Comments.

Aaron Green, TCU

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 203 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: Probably a passing back. LInes up in slot and returner. Shifty and quick but not elite speed. Video game runner but goes down pretty easy. 

Paul Perillo: Small and real quick; Ret ability; Finds open field; Productive scat back type.

Kelvin Taylor*, Florida

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 207 | 40: 4.6

Andy Hart: Can cut. Well-round package but nothing elite about his game. Patient and keeps feet moving. seems like backup type, like Brandon Bolden.

Paul Perillo: Breaks tackles; Quick feet; Runs hard and falls forward; Not bad. 

Wendell Smallwood*, West Virginia

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 208 | 40: 4.47

Andy Hart: Passing back. breakout year. Playmaker with burst and speed. Makes moves moving forward. Best in space.

Paul Perillo: Quick feet; Good speed; Great hands; Breaks tackles and can make you miss. 

Josh Ferguson, Illinois

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 198 | 40: 4.48

Andy Hart: Passing back. Lots of catches. Doesn't break many tackles. Plays at top speed a lot. Good vision.

Paul Perillo:Scat back type; Finds space; Quick and fast; Elusive in open field; Definite passing back with good hands.

Daniel Lasco, California

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 209 | 40: 4.46

Andy Hart: Opened eyes with strong Combine. Injuries as SR limited production. Not as quick as you'd think. Lowers pads on contact. Solid frame. Jumps too much. Looks like backup to me.

Paul Perillo: Not overly fast or quick; Good hands; Runs with toughness/moves pile; Played in spead.

Marteze Waller, Fresno State

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 214 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart: Runs and catches. But lacks elite speed. Little wiggle and keeps feet moving. But nothing stands out as elite. College RB who may not transition.

Paul Perillo: Tough plodder; Not explosive; Moves pile; Good hands 

Marshaun Coprich, Illinois State

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 205 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: Very good production at a lower level. Good vision. Not elite speed or quickness. Cuts on the run. Hits it and finishes.

Paul Perillo: Good speed; Small and elusive; Quick cuts; Breakaway speed at I-AA level.

Peyton Barber*, Auburn

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 228 | 40: 4.64

Andy Hart: 1YR of production. Came out for homeless mom. Not a big play guy. Reminds me of Ridley. Not much wear. Backup lead back.

Paul Perillo: Solid college RB with just 1 year of wear and tear; Worth a late-round flier.

Tre Madden, USC

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 223 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: Lots of injuries. Looks the part. Former LB. Functional fast. Can catch. Not much wiggle. Flier guy?

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Keenan Reynolds, Navy

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 191 | 40: 4.56

Andy Hart: Wishbone QB. 88 Tds and 32 career fumbles. Nearly 1,000 carries. Only OK quickness and speed. Conversion project. Elite production not matched by skills.

Paul Perillo: More of a winner than a great athlete; Ran wishbone extremely well; Not sure he has athleticism to become a great RB. 

Jordan Canzeri, Iowa

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 192 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart: Undersized, but not a passing back. Not a ton of production. Follows blocks and doesn't hesitate. But not explosive in any way. College guy. 

Paul Perillo: Quick feet; Bounces wide too much; Small but not explosive.

Travis Greene, Bowling Green

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 192 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart: Passing back. Skinny. Good speed. Elusive. Makes defenders look downright silly at times. Upside as a playmaker.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Jacobi Green, Richmond

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 196 | 40: 4.64

Andy Hart: Breakout SR year. Good balance. Keeps feet. Lowers pads on contact. Undersized. Breaks some tackles. Not as quick as seems like should be. 

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Devon Johnson, Marshall

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 238 | 40: 4.61

Andy Hart: Big. Former TE and LB. Thick and plays like a truck. Not a natural athlete, in the traditional sense. H-back. Load. SPT?

Paul Perillo:Huge and slow; Tremendous production; Not an NFL RB but could help on SpT.

Tra Carson, Texas A&M

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 227 | 40: 4.63

Andy Hart: Not overly quick or fast. Thick. doesn't always churn legs, but still tough to get down. Not a guy who'll make sharp cuts. 

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Kenneth Farrow, Houston

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 220 | 40: 4.64

Andy Hart: Well built. Productive as a runner and a receiver. LIttle upright, but solid. Only average speed and quickness. Nothing special here. 

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Dwayne Washington*, Washington

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 221 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: Former WR. Kind of looks like WR playing RB. Decisive. Long strides. Not much wiggle. KOR.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Paul James, Rutgers

HEIGHT:6-0 | WEIGHT: 206 | 40: 4.73

Andy Hart: Not quick or shifty. Slow cuts. Runs like a FB or bigger back. Doesn't lower pads. Not a fan. 

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Zac Brooks*, Clemson

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 200 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Keith Marshall*, Georgia

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 219 | 40: 4.31

Andy Hart: Combine speed star. Lots of injuries. Not elite onfield burst. Doesn't play 4.3. Smooth speed, though. Nice stiff arm.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.


1 | Glenn Gronkowski*, Kansas State

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 238 | 40: 4.78

2 |  Dan Vitale, Northwestern

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 240 | 40: 4.76

3 |  Derek Watt, Wisconsin

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 234 | 40: 4.78

4 |  Dakota Gordon, San Diego State

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 235 | 40: 4.87

5 |  Soma Valnuku, USC

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 249 | 40: 4.83

The Rest

Chris Swain, Navy

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 247 | 40: 4.89

Andy Janovich, Nebraska

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 230 | 40: 4.89

Quayvon Hicks, Georgia

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 251 | 40: 4.82

Patrick Skov, Georgia Tech

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 227 | 40: 4.94

Trevon Pendleton, Michigan State

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 250 | 40: 4.93

Joe Kerridge, Michigan

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 249 | 40: 4.86

Traylon Durham, Kent State

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 247 | 40: N/A

Draft Rankings By Position:

QB | RB | TE | WR | OL | CB | DT | DE| ILB | OLB | S

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