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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Wide Receivers

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the WR prospects entering the 2016 NFL Draft.

Draft Rankings By Position:

QB | RB | TE | WR | OL | CB | DT | DE| ILB | OLB | S

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the wide receivers.

* - indicates underclassman

Wide Receivers

1 | Corey Coleman*, Baylor

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 194 | 40: 4.4

Andy Hart: Great production. Deep threat. Explosive. System guy? High points and goes after ball. Looks like Diva/punk. Certainly gets behind the secondary. KOR. Makes contested catch. Star potential. 

Paul Perillo: Definite HR threat; Consistently gets behind coverage; Used as RB as well; Quick; Accelerates quickly; College system could stunt development.

2 | Laquon Treadwell*, Mississippi

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 221 | 40: 4.64

Andy Hart: Great production. Impressive size. Lined up inside and out. Physical. Good hands. Not explosive speed or quickness but fast enough. Smooth RAC.

Paul Perillo:High points ball effectively; Strong hands catcher; Good size/physicality; Will block; Not great speed but gets open consistently.

3 | Michael Thomas*, Ohio State

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 212 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart: Not really elite speed or quickness. Good build. Hands catcher. Runs through arm tackles. Upside. Very good on contested balls.

Paul Perillo: Dynamic athlete; Big-play guy; Very quick and elusive; Excellent in open field; Lacks polish.

4 | Will Fuller*, Notre Dame

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 186 | 40: 4.32

Andy Hart: Elite speed. Deep threat. Playmaker. Doesn't have great hands. Takes top off but may not be a well-rounded prospect in terms of tree.

Paul Perillo:Another HR threat; Great open-field runner; Good hands; Shows toughness; Consistently open deep.

5 | Josh Doctson, TCU

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 202 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: Decent size/speed combo. Very good production over multiple seasons. Tracks well. Effort over middle? Good but not great at a lot of things. Known as a worker.

Paul Perillo: Adjusts well to the ball in the air; Quick feet; Fights for the ball; Creates separation; Tough and physical.


Sterling Shepard, Oklahoma

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 194 | 40: 4.48

Andy Hart: Reminds me of Deion Branch with quick feet and route running. Great production. Pro-ready. Fast and quick. Shifty. Good body control.

Paul Perillo: PR ability; Really quick feet; Agile slot type; Good hands; Very elusive; Solid.

Tyler Boyd*, Pittsburgh

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 198 | 40: 4.58

Andy Hart: DUI. Good hands and makes contested catches. PR/KOR. Lots of short routes. Skinny and frail looking. 

Paul Perillo: Possession receiver who understands how to get open; Strong hands; Shows tough NFL-style ability to cross field and fight for ball.

Braxton Miller, Ohio State

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 201 | 40: 4.46

Andy Hart: Former QB. More athlete than anything else at this point. Raw. LImited experience and production. Has the feet and quickness to be a great route runner down the road with work/experience. Quick and fast. Hands may not be elite. Catches back of ball too often. Huge upside but big project.

Paul Perillo: Blazing speed with raw ability; Reminds me of Percy Harvin without the experience; Boom or bust potential.

Pharoh Cooper*, South Carolina

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 203 | 40: 4.52

Andy Hart: Versatile. PR. solid production. Goes and gets it. Wildcat runner. Seems to labor to run. Jack of all...master of none.

Paul Perillo: Tough runner; RB; Solid production despite lack of QB; Can run away from coverage.

Leonte Carroo, Rutgers

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 211 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: 19.5 career average. Assault suspension 2015. Confident hands. Not a burner but still a true playmaker who fights for the ball.

Paul Perillo: Good size; Hands catcher; Gets open; Good YAC; Solid but off-field issues.

Rashard Higgins*, Colorado State

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 188 | 40: 4.64

Andy Hart: Great production over three years. Skinny and Frail. Not elite speed. "Hollywood" mentality for better or worse. 

Paul Perillo: Big guy; Hands catcher; Decent quickness; Runs tough.

Aaron Burbridge,  Michigan State

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 206 | 40: 4.56

Andy Hart:Worker. Solid career production, but only one 40-yard catch in his college career is a concern. Average size, speed and quickness. Tracks well with good body control.

Paul Perillo: No comments.

Keyarris Garrett, Tulsa

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 220 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart: 2013 compound fracture. Raw with potential. VG size. Hight points the ball. Long strides. Tracks pretty well.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Roger Lewis*, Bowling Green

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 201 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart: Off-field questions with 2012 rape charges/allegations. Limited offense and route experience. Playmaker who gets behind people.

Paul Perillo:No Comments.

De'Runnya Wilson*, Mississippi State

HEIGHT: 6-5 | WEIGHT: 224 | 40: 4.85

Andy Hart: Huge. Raw. Slow. Drug arrest. Not quick. Willing to block and use size. Pushes off too much. Real RZ threat. Upside. But could have lot of NFL penalties.

Paul Perillo: Stiff and slow but has great size; Physical; Good hands; Doesn't get much separation and relies on push off to get open.

Kenny Lawler*, California

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 203 | 40: 4.64

Andy Hart: Makes highlight catches. Great body control. Good hands. Lanky. Goes and gets it. Too skinny. Finds the end zone.

Paul Perillo: Fluid athlete; Adjusts well to the ball; Can beat press coverage; Quick feet; Good hands catcher; solid.

Paul McRoberts*, Southeast Missouri

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 202 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: PR. 2X captain. Competition level? Snags ball. Solid body control. Tracks well. Will he be able to get separation in the NFL?

Paul Perillo: Big target; Lots of slants and deep fades; Good, strong hands; Raw but talented with basketball background.

Kolby Listenbee, TCU

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 197 | 40: 4.39

Andy Hart: KOR. Track All-Am. Can adjust to the ball. OK hands. Looks better than his production.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Jordan Payton, UCLA

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 207 | 40: 4.47

Andy Hart: Good thickness and build. 200 career catches. Nothing elite but solid all around. DAvid Givens type. Rounds routes at times.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Bralon Addison*, Oregon

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 197 | 40: 4.66

Andy Hart:2014 ACL. Quicker than he is fast. Small. Bounces off would-be tacklers and keeps feet. Solid hands. Usually fast enough on the field.

Paul Perillo: Slot type; Lots of shallow crosses; Good hands; Good YAC.

Malcolm Mitchell, Georgia

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 198 | 40: 4.45

Andy Hart:Good production. KOR and PR. Hight points the ball. History of knee injuries. Long arms. Natural athlete with solid hands. Uses body to shield.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Cayleb Jones*, Arizona

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 209 | 40: 4.65

Andy Hart: High points. Texas transfer. Arrested/Suspended for assault at Texas. Not fast. Good size. Little bit of a body catcher.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Tajae Sharpe, UMass

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 194 | 40: 4.55

Andy Hart: Soft routes. Decent hands. Long strides. Smooth. Goes and get its. Decent quickness. Lanky. VG lower level production.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Charone Peake, Clemson

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 209 | 40: 4.43

Andy Hart: 2013 ACL. 5-year guy. Not as quick as fast. Tracks ball and goes and gets it. Pretty physical. Fights for ball.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Mike Thomas, Southern Miss

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 193 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: Skinny. too many drops. Alligator arms. Tracks OK. Some geat catches. Long legs. Gets behind people. Comp level?

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Daniel Braverman*, Western Michigan

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 175 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: PR and KOR. Good vision. Tracks well. Playmaker, though doesn't have elite quickness or speed. Scrappy NFL slot prospect.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Demarcus Ayers*, Houston

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 182 | 40: 4.72

Andy Hart: KOR. Quick athlete. Shifty and elusive. Good vision. Not elite speed by any means. Not a lot of routes. Lots screens. Upside?

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Geronimo Allison, Illinois

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 196 | 40: 4.67

Andy Hart: Good size. Can break tackles. Not elite speed or quickness. Can get deep, though. Average hands. Can track and make contested catches.

Paul Perillo: No comments.

Jaydon Mickens, Washington

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 174 | 40: 4.55

Andy Hart: 200 catches over 4 years. KR. Consistent slot guy. Slippery. Good vision. Too many basket and body catches. OK speed. Patient on screens. Can make plays.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Chris Brown, Notre Dame

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 194 | 40: 4.48

Andy Hart: Track guy with good speed. Hands catcher. Solid all around. Effort and worker. Nothing special. Some upside.

Paul Perillo:No Comments.

Dom Williams, Washington State

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 200 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Alex Erickson, Wisconsin

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 197 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Duke Williams, Auburn

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 224 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Jalin Marshall*, Ohio State

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 205 | 40: 4.43

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Nelson Spruce, Colorado

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 205 | 40: 4.56

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Jordan Williams, Ball State

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 226 | 40: 4.57

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Devon Cajuste, Stanford

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 234 | 40: 4.6

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Jamaal Jones, Montana

HEIGHT: 6-0 | WEIGHT: 191 | 40: 4.53

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Thomas Duarte*, UCLA

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 225 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Chris Moore, Cincinnati

HEIGHT: 6-1 | WEIGHT: 203 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

KJ Maye, Minnesota

HEIGHT: 5-8 | WEIGHT: 194 | 40: 4.5

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Hunter Sharp, Utah State

HEIGHT: 5-11 | WEIGHT: 199 | 40: 4.43

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Cody Core, Mississippi

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 207 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Byron Marshall, Oregon

HEIGHT: 5-9 | WEIGHT: 202 | 40: 4.42

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Jay Lee, Baylor

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 214 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Alonzo Russell, Toledo

HEIGHT: 6-4 | WEIGHT: 198 | 40: 4.54

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Mekale McKay, Cincinnati

HEIGHT: 6-4 | WEIGHT: 205 | 40: 4.46

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Canaan Severin, Virginia

HEIGHT: 6-2 | WEIGHT: 212 | 40: 4.59

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Ed Eagan, Northwestern State

HEIGHT: 5-10 | WEIGHT: 185 | 40: 4.49

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Brandon Swindall, Utah State

HEIGHT: 6-3 | WEIGHT: 205 | 40: 4.56

Andy Hart: No Comments.

Paul Perillo: No Comments.

Draft Rankings By Position:

QB | RB | TE | WR | OL | CB | DT | DE| ILB | OLB | S

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