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PFW Draft Prospect Rankings: Wide Receivers

The writers of Patriots Football Weekly offer their notes and rankings on the WR prospects entering the 2017 NFL Draft.


The writers of Patriots Football Weekly have done their homework on all the prospects in this year's NFL Draft. Now, you can download the actual notes they took on all the top players, broken down by position for your convenience. Today, they offer their notes on the wide receivers.
* - indicates underclassman


HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 188  40: 4.22


Andy Hart: Elite speed shows on field. Runs by defenders and outruns QB's arm. Missed 2015 with knee injury. KOR ability. Average hands. Not just a deep threat. Quick and fast. Dangerous RAC.

Paul Perillo: Tremendous speed; Excellent KR ability; Creates separation; Elusive after catch; Consistently gets deep but is victimized by shaky QB; Effective on out routes.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 218  40: 4.54 

Andy Hart: Great build/size. Adjusts well with good body control. Not elite route runner. Good production. Doesn't get elite seperation or show elite hands. Very good prospect but not a truly elite stud.

Paul Perillo: Great size; Physical; Strong; Not a blazer; Not great after catch; Fights for ball in traffic.

HEIGHT: 6-3 WEIGHT: 209  40: 4.48 

Andy Hart: Great production, but not at the highest level. Doesn't have true elite hands or speed. Tracks ball well and goes and gets it. Little loose with ball after catch. Has elite potential.

Paul Perillo: Gets open; Productive; Good size/speed combo; Strong hands; Tough; Gets separation; Willing blocker.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 215  40: 4.54 

Andy Hart: Solid build. Not quick. Breaks are sharp. No. 2 or possession guy in NFL. High floor but low ceiling.

Paul Perillo: Willing blocker; Settles nicely into zones; Good possession type.

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 196  40: 4.31 

Andy Hart: Jack of all trades for Meyer. Runner and pass catcher. Good hands. Good burst. Playmaker. Adjusts to ball well. Role/position/scheme will be key to NFL success.

Paul Perillo: Versatile RB/WR type; Great speed; Quick feet; Seems more effective as RB catching passes than WR running routes; Gets open.


HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 199  40: 4.46 

Andy Hart: Playmaker with vision for RAC. Drops in traffic. Doesn't play with true elite speed. Quick cuts. High points with decent, strong hands.

Paul Perillo: Strong runner after catch; Good hands; KR ability; Takes hit to make catch; Effective on shallow crosses; Makes guys miss; Big play guy.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 209  40: 4.42 

Andy Hart: Good production. Tracks ball well. High points. Strong hands catcher. Solid all around, but not elite.

Paul Perillo: Athletic; Gets open deep; Strong; Good size; Beats zones effectively; Good hands; Lots of big plays; Nice double move.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 200  40: 4.4 

Andy Hart: Average get-off. Confident hands. Decent breaks. Tracks well and adjusts. Upside after breakout final season for Vols.

Paul Perillo: Good size; Physical; Big play guy; Lots of potential.

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 178  40: 4.39 

Andy Hart: Good production. KOR and PR. Faster than quick. Lanky. Not elusive. Speeed guy who goes up for ball. Off field questions.

Paul Perillo: Dynamic slot type; Tough; Strong hands in traffic; Real quick; Versatile.

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 204  40: 4.49 

Andy Hart: Not overly quick. Soft routes. Solid blocker. Does get deep. Body catches at times. Can jump and adjust body.

Paul Perillo: Good size; Decent speed; Finds gaps in coverage; Not much of a blocker; Gets open deep.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 204  40: 4.62 

Andy Hart: Tons of production. Inside and out. Not elite athlete, speed or quickness. Sticky hands. Works the middle. Probably fast enough.

Paul Perillo: Good size; Strong hands; Decent speed and runs good routes; Uses leverage well; Great production at FCS level.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 201  40: 4.45 

Andy Hart: 158 receptions in 2016. Route runner and technique guy. Lacks elite quickness for RAC. Slot dink and dunk guy, at best.

Paul Perillo: Runs a lot of underneath stuff; Productive; Tough in traffic; Not overly dynamic; Fights for the ball; Lot of quick, short throws for catches.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 194  40: 4.61 

Andy Hart: Drops and double-catches. Not truly fast or quick. Tracks pretty well. Lots of routes.

Paul Perillo: Nice double move/gets open; Good size and decent speed; Shaky hands; Will high point ball in traffic.

HEIGHT: 6-4  WEIGHT: 218  40: 4.5 

Andy Hart: Willing blocker. Not real quick. Possession guy. High points.

Paul Perillo: Good speed; Gets open deep; Not overly elusive; Gets behind coverage consistently; Great size.

HEIGHT: 5-8  WEIGHT: 181  40: 4.51 

Andy Hart: Julian Edelman lookalike in Tar Heels offense. Quick. Good RAC. Tough. Can throw. PR. Sure, confident hands. Fast enough. 

Paul Perillo: Edelman slot type with tremendous production; Decent speed; Used as runner as well; Gets open and shows good hands.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 196  40: 4.52 

Andy Hart: Good length. Doesn't run crisp routes. Faster than quick. Supposed to be a big-play guy. Hands catcher who goes and gets it.

Paul Perillo: Inconsistent hands; Gets open on outs; Suffered from shaky QB play that hurt his production.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 214  40: 4.45 

Andy Hart: From Africa, with interesting personal story. Not overly quick, but decent speed. Decent breaks and routes. Body catches a little too much and only average hands.

Paul Perillo: Good speed; Good hands; Possession type; Finds space; Shows toughness; Fights for ball in traffic; Go-to guy.

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 222  40: 4.57 

Andy Hart: Limited play time and production. Good frame and size. Not much seperation but tracks ball well. Project with upside.

Paul Perillo: Inexperienced due to injuries; Good size; Tracks ball well; Fights for the ball; Shows toughness.

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 203  40: 4.5 

Andy Hart: Good route runner. Not as quick as expected. Pretty good speed. Very good athlete. Lot of slot option routes. Moves around formation.

Paul Perillo: Lots of screens and quick outs/slants; Uses frame well; Lot of catches between hashes; Good feet; Productive.

HEIGHT: 5-10  WEIGHT: 193  40: 4.61 

Andy Hart: Three years of very good production. KOR. Tracks and adjusts to ball. Gets tackled too easily. Confident hands. Takes pop and holds on. Lacks elite speed or quickness. Solid vision.

Paul Perillo: PR/KR ability; Quick screens; Doesn't consistently get open; Lacks separation.

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 189  40: 4.65 

Andy Hart: Soft, confident hands. Decent breaks. Upside in NFL as No. 3.

Paul Perillo: Willing blocker; Not overly fast; Lacks separation; Possession guy; Strong hands; Strong character.

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 194  40: 4.52 

Andy Hart: Can get behind the defense. Skinny. Avoides contact. Raw, limited route runner. Faster than quick. Long strides.

Paul Perillo:Big play guy; Willing blocker; Gets open deep; Great size; Tough; Fights to whistle, even as blocker.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 216  40: 4.45 

Andy Hart: KOR and PR. Lanky. Questionable hands. Not great breaks. More fast than quick.

Paul Perillo: Quick feet; Good hands; Lots of short, quick passes; Elusive after catch; Strong hands; Good size.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 216  40: 4.54 

Andy Hart: Strong hands, easily his best attribute. Good camp body with some upside.

Paul Perillo: Good hands catcher; Settles in space; Mostly short stuff; Gets open/good possession type.

Chad Hansen*, California

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 195  40: 4.53

Andy Hart: Too many drops. Not really quick or elusive. Average route runner. NFL No. 3 at best. Meh.

Paul Perillo: Lots of screens; Good yards after catch; Good route-runner; Gets open; Good hands.

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 182  40: 4.41 

Andy Hart:Lanky. Fights for ball. Plays punky. Average hands with drops.

Paul Perillo:Good speed; Elusive; Shows some toughness; Will go over middle; Benefits from Baylor system.

HEIGHT: 5-8  WEIGHT: 181  40: 4.63 

Andy Hart: Big production. PR TDs. Little slot guy. Poor man's Ryan Switzer. Good hands, makes the catch.

Paul Perillo: Tiny slot guy with tremendous production; Good body control; Great feet; Gets open; Gamer.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 208  40: 4.49 

Andy Hart:Not a fluid athlete. Good ball skills. Gets behind the defense. Faster than quick. Long. Breakout final year. Worth a flier.

Paul Perillo: Shaky hands; Gets behind coverage; Good size and strength; Looks a bit stiff but shows toughness; Inconsistent.

Ishmael Zamora*, Baylor

HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 220  40: 4.63 

Andy Hart: Off field questions. Very good size. Some quickness for size.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 202  40: 4.57 

Andy Hart: Fast. Strong hands. Good build. Decent breaks. Good focus on ball. Stiff arm. Better than limited production would suggest. Worth a shot.

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 191  40: 4.5 

Andy Hart: Raw deep threat. Tracks ball well down the field. KOR TD.

Paul Perillo: KR ability; Good speed; Gets behind coverage; Big play guy; Runs by CBs consistently.

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 203  40: 4.51


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HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 190  40: 4.51 

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HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 212  40: 4.58 

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Jehu Chesson, Michigan

HEIGHT: 6-2  WEIGHT: 212  40: 4.58 

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Keevan Lucas*, Tulsa

HEIGHT: 5-9  WEIGHT: 195  40: 4.55 

No Comments.

HEIGHT: 5-7  WEIGHT: 173  40: 4.42 

Andy Hart: Fast 3-cone drill at Combine. PR TDs. Quick. Good vision. Playmaker. Finds space and goes. Athlete option without true position.

Paul Perillo: Slot type; Quick and elusive; PR ability; Tavon Austin-type; Hits it hard; Versatile.

R.J. Shelton, Michigan State

HEIGHT: 5-10  WEIGHT: 203  40: 4.52

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HEIGHT: 6-5  WEIGHT: 240  40: 4.69 

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HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 206  40: 4.64 

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Gabe Marks, Washington State

HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 185  40: 4.56 

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Noel Thomas, Connecticut

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 200  40: 4.63 

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HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 187  40: 4.42 

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HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 182  40: 4.6 

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HEIGHT: 6-3  WEIGHT: 192  40: 4.42 

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Corey Smith, Ohio State

HEIGHT: 6-0  WEIGHT: 188  40: 4.43 

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HEIGHT: 5-11  WEIGHT: 200  40: 4.36 

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HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 204  40: 4.59 

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Karel Hamilton, Samford

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 199  40: 4.57 

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DeAngelo Yancey, Purdue

HEIGHT: 6-1  WEIGHT: 220  40: 4.54 

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