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PFW in Progress Recap 10/20: Colts Recap; On to the Jets


We're breaking down the top segments from Tuesday's edition of the PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing. Hit play on the podcast above and forward to the segments indicated below to listen.

0:02:00 - Fred Kirsch began the show as a solo act with the rest of the PFW Boys taping the PFW TV Show. Fred began the show indicating that some of the fans are upset with the lack of a blow out in Sunday night's win in Indy.

0:05:00 -Andy Hart and Paul Perillo joined the show in progress.

0:10:00 -The crew touched on all of the Patriots injury concerns following the team's 34-27 win over the Colts Sunday night. Marcus Cannon, Jabal Sheard, and Matthew Slater were the main focus of the discussion.

0:15:00 -Paul Perillo and Fred Kirsch engaged in a debate over how the Patriots recovery of a Colts onside kick was ruled by the officials on Sunday night.

0:30:00 -The PFW Boys discussed the game commentary by Chris Collinsworth on Sunday night's telecast. The topic was then touched upon by many emails into the show.

0:45:00 -Some Patriots fans feel that Chris Collinsworth is anti Patriots while others think he is just a bad color analyst.

1:00:00 -The PFW Boys shifted the discussion to Tom Brady's handling of the media. The guys wondered if Brady had a list of good and bad media members after the off season turmoil and media coverage of deflategate.

1:13:00 -Fred voiced his dislike of Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyle.

1:30:00 - PFW In Progress Producer Kevin Collins treated the fans of the show to an audio recap of the Patriots win in Indy featuring radio calls from Scott Zolak and Bob Socci of 98.5 The Sports Hub.

1:45:00 -The show concluded talking about the Patriots rushing attack on Sunday night and how efficient it was as compared to previous match-ups with the Colts.

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