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PFW in Progress Recap 11/19: Bills and Week 11 picks


We're breaking down the top segments from Thursday's edition of the PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing. Hit play on the podcast above and forward to the segments indicated below to listen.

0:02:00 -Fred Kirsch and Paul Perillo began today's show in the host chairs. They began the program debating the reaction to Tom Brady's interview in GQ magazine. 

0:10:00 -Andy Hart joined the show and continued to pile on GQ journalist Chuck Klosterman for his questioning of Brady in his article. Andy felt that most of the questions posed to Brady were extremely soft and show no backbone.

0:15:00 -The show shifted topics to a more happy subject: Rob Gronkowski. The PFW Boys feel that Gronk is the true center of attention in the Patriots universe and he is worthy of all the attention he gets. 

0:20:00 -The Guys finally got the topic at hand and discussed this Monday's game against the Buffalo Bills. 

0:35:00 -The calls and emails turned the show back to the Tom Brady GQ article and Patriots fans seem enraged at the author Chuck Klosterman. 

0:55:00 - Erik Scalavino joined the program with a full attendance report from today's practice. 

1:05:00 - PFW favorite Chris with a Tian joined the show on the Ace Ticket Hot-Line to weigh in on the Brady GQ article.

1:15:00 -The Boys lightened the mood with a spirited debate on the merit of emoji icons. Fred seemed very intrigued by the emoji, but the other guys were less than impressed.

1:38:00 -The PFW writers enlightened the audience with their weekly "picks" segment picking every NFL game with and without the spread.

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