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PFW in Progress Recap 2/2: Looking ahead to 2016


*We're breaking down the top segments from Tuesday's edition of the PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing. Hit play on the podcast above and forward to the segments indicated below to listen.  *

0:02:00 - Fred, Paul, Erik, and Andy were all present and accounted for to begin the first true off-season week of PFW In Progress. Fred began the show discussing the Super Bowl Media night last night in San Francisco.  

0:10:00 - The show discussed the mockery that was the Pro Bowl in Hawaii on Sunday. The ratings for this year's game were low and the game left much to be desired. The boys compared the Pro Bowl to other All Star games in various sports.

0:22:00 - Fred opined about Emmanuel Sanders and what life would be like if the Denver wide-out had signed in New England. Sanders had complimentary things to say about the Patriots and Tom Brady at media night in San Francisco. 

0:40:00 - The focus of the show shifted to the 2016 NFL Draft. Andy Hart is very upset with the lack of a first round draft pick to discuss. 

1:15:00 - An email to the show spurred a debate among the PFW Crew. If you were in a street fight and could pick one Patriot past or present to fight alongside you and help protect you, who would it be? 

1:52:00 - The show wrapped up with an always colorful call from Eldridge in North Carolina. 

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