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PFW in Progress Recap 4/12: Draft talk; Roster moves

We're breaking down the top segments from Tuesday's edition of the PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing. Hit play on the podcast above and forward to the segments indicated below to listen.

0:02:00 - The PFW Boys were shorthanded on today's show. With Erik on vacation and Andy feeling under the weather, Fred Kirsch and Paul Perillo were left to hold down the fort. The program began with recapping the Patriots free agent activity of the past several days. 

0:22:00 - Paul Perillo stated that the Patriots number one need in NFL Draft would be at cornerback. 


0:43:00 - Bill Parcells was a topic of discussion on today's show. The Tuna provoked callers and emailers to discuss his potential Patriots Hall of Fame candidacy. Fred Kirsch feels that Parcells should not be in the Hall due to the way he left New England.

1:01:00 - The show pondered the success of the Patriots offensive line in 2016. Will the change at offensive line coach really help or will the line continue to struggle?

1:30:00 - Defensive End came up as a potential position of need for the Patriots. Paul suggested the position was a "sneaky need" for New England to address in the draft after the departure of Chandler Jones. 

1:50:00 - The show wrapped up with more draft talk. It seems as if most fans are skeptical that the Patriots will use their second round pick in the upcoming draft. 

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