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PFW in Progress Recap 7/26: Training Camp preview; Players on PUP


We're breaking down the top segments from Tuesday's edition of the PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing.

00:02:00- Today's episode of PFW In Progress featured Fred Kirsch, Paul Perillo, and Andy Hart. The show began slightly delayed due to a fire alarm at Gillette Stadium. 

00:10:00 - The first topic of discussion on today's show was Julian Edelman being placed on the PUP list. 

00:30:00 - The show discussed the national hatred of Tom Brady by fans of other NFL teams. 

00:54:00 - How good can the Patriots offense be this season with Tom Brady missing the first four games? Fred Kirsch is optimistic about the offensive output heading into the 2016 season. 

01:10:00 - Caller Jeremy asks for PFW's outlook for the beginning of the regular season.

01:24:00 - The show turned discussion to whether the patriots way could continue without Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Andy posed the question -- Does Brady get too much credit when the Patriots win?

01:30:00 - Frequent caller Eldridge called in to discuss which Patriots Super Bowl team had the best defense and whether the Patriots defense in 2016 is as loaded as those teams?

01:36:00 - Discussion turned to the recent change in the language as to what defines a catch.  Will it translate to more or less touchdowns?

01:41:00 - Finally, we discuss Peyton Manning being cleared in the NFL's ongoing HGH investigation. This led to a bigger discussion of which drugs should be allowed that are currently deemed 'performance enhancing'.

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