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PFW in Progress Recap 9/20: Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett


We're breaking down the top segments from Tuesday's edition of PFW in Progress radio show so you don't miss a thing.

0:02:00 - Fred Kirsch and Paul Perillo began today's program as a twosome with Andy Hart and Erik Scalavino busily working away on content. Fred and Paul began with the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo and his uncertain status for Thursday night's game against the Texans. 

0:09:00 - Andy Hart and Erik Scalavino finally appeared on today's program and commented on the Patriots rushing attack in their win over the Dolphins. 

0:20:00 - Will the Patriots sign a veteran quarterback ahead of Thursday night's game with Houston? Could they go into the game with only one healthy quarterback? 

0:50:00 - Is the Patriots defensive elite? Through two games the numbers the defense has put up is far from elite or even good. The PFW guys discuss the constant over evaluation of the Patriots defense. 

1:01:00- Fred Kirsch enlightened the masses with some hearty faucet talk. Fred replaced his downstairs faucet this weekend with tremendous success. 

1:35:00 - If the Patriots go into Thursday night's game with only one healthy quarterback, who would be the emergency quarterback? 

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