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PFW's 2010 draft questions

With the draft just hours away the PFW boys offered a few thoughts on some draft-related questions. Here's some quick-hitters on some things to look for.

As was the case a year ago, the Patriots have four picks in the first two rounds. Will they trade up, trade down, trade out or make their selection in the first round?

Trade up.– Andy Hart

The instinct is to say they'll trade down but I'll go against that and say they'll keep their pick at 22. – Paul Perillo

The Patriots will trade out of the first round. The players they covet won't be there at 22, leaving them no choice but to seek value and trade out of the first round. – Erik Scalavino

Trade up. History says they're just as likely to trade up as trade out. -- Fred Kirsch

List the top four positions (in order) you think the Patriots will target in rounds 1 and 2.




DL, WR, DB, LB -- FK

Which top-rated player will fall the farthest in the draft?

Russell Okung, at least he should.– AH

Jimmy Clausen. I don't think he should, but people seem to be anti-Clausen. – PP

Dez Bryant. Will fall for character issues but teams will realize he's also not the next Randy Moss. – ES

Sergio Kindle. Health concerns dogging him late. -- FK

Which prospect will end up having the most productive NFL career?

Sam Bradford. My BFF is a future HOF. – AH

Eric Berry. The guy can do it all and will redefine the position.– PP

Ryan Mathews. All-around talent will lead to productive career. – ES

Ndamukong Suh. Has all the measureables and the motor. -- FK

Which first-round pick will be the biggest bust?

Jason Pierre-Paul. The theory is better than reality. – AH

Russell Okung. Too many tackles tabbed as high picks. Okung doesn't have the talent to back it up.– PP

Taylor Mays. See Darnell Bing. – ES

Ryan Mathews. Compared to a thin class of RBs. -- FK

Where will Florida's Tim Tebow get drafted?

New York … sorry … second round. – AH

Second round. – PP

First round, Pittsburgh. – ES

Top of the second round. -- FK

What will be the most surprising pick/development of the weekend?

The Patriots trade for Darren McFadden.– AH

The Patriots won't trade on Day 1. – PP

The Rams select Sam Bradford and trade him. – ES

Patriots trade for Albert Haynesworth. -- FK

Who will be the Patriots first-round pick?

Sergio Kindle.– AH

Sergio Kindle. – PP

Sergio Kindle. – ES

Dan Williams. -- FK

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