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Plans a mystery as draft approaches

With just three days left before the 2000 NFL draft, New England Head Coach Bill Belichick has no definite plan of attack for this weekend.

Since the Patriots first pick right now is the 46th overall, it would be impossible for Belichick to prepare for any particular scenarios. The team has needs in several areas and the coach's basic plan is to improve the Patriots however possible.

"A lot of times the picks you plan on going into the draft are not the same as on the actual day," Belichick said Wednesday. "You never know how [draft picks] are going to come off the board. As we go through the draft, we'll look at all the opportunities available to us."

Like any good coach, Belichick was vague about his attack plan. He danced around questions concerning specific players or positions the team may be contemplating. Instead Belichick said several times that New England would make every effort to improve the team however possible throughout the draft.

One area that does not figure to be a focal point in the early rounds is the offensive line. The Patriots have already signed unrestricted free agent linemen Grant Williams from Seattle and former New York Giant Lance Scott. The team also has signed restricted free agent lineman Spencer Folau to an offer sheet, but the Baltimore Ravens have until Friday afternoon to match the offer and the Ravens are expected to do so.

Belichick said there is always a chance the team will make a draft-day trade to improve its position, but there wasn't any major deal in the works.

"We aren't likely to get into the top 10, but we can certainly move up from 46," Belichick said. "We have had a few discussions with teams, but it's stuff that's kind of on the backburner for now."

The Patriots do have 11 picks to work with over the weekend and Belichick hopes that versatility will come in handy come draft time.

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