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Players have fun with McCourty reunion on Twitter

With a McCourty reunion happening in Foxboro, Patriots players had a field day on Twitter.

Thursday was a big day for the McCourty family. The Patriots traded for Jason McCourty, making it a twin reunion in Foxboro.

When word got out that D-Mac and J-Mac would be playing for the same team for the first time since their Rutgers days, people had a field day on social media. It started as most transaction-related tweetstorms do: with a lot of eye emojis. 

While Devin and Jason share social media accounts, they sign off with either D-Mac or J-Mac so followers know who hit send.

We can assume this was a joint statement.

Eventually, the guys found words for the trade, and when it comes to the McCourty twins, the words are usually hilarious. Jason and Devin often rib each other and their teammates on Twitter, and their teammates are quick to give it right back.

Former teammates like Logan Ryan and Nate Washington even got in on it too.

While the jokes are all in good fun, the mood around the signing was just genuine excitement from both Jason and Devin and their Patriots teammates.

If the first day is any indication, it's going to fun watching Jason and Devin this year. 

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