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Professor Justin Bethel teaches 'Uninterrupted' followers South Carolina lingo

Justin Bethel breaks down some South Carolina "slanguage." 

New Englanders know better than most about regional dialect. From "wicked" to "bubbler," we are used to having to explain what we mean, and while Justin Bethel is from South Carolina, he gets the struggle too.

So Professor Bethel took matters into his own hands to explain the "slanguage" of his hometown. In a video posted by "Uninterrupted," Bethel gives a lesson on what "Gaae Dey Bo" means.

Essentially, the phrase is used an exclamation, but we'll let Bethel take it from here.

"I know what you're asking: what in the world does this mean? For my non-Southerners who speak better English than this, where we said, 'Gaae dey bo, this is a great game,'" Bethel explains. "'Gosh, I can't believe this game.' The beautiful thing about this right here is you can kind of break it up and use it in different ways."

Bethel says you can use "gaae dey" or simply "bo" to add emphasis. The more you know.

"There you have it, and you're welcome," Bethel says with a smile in the video.

You can check out Professor Bethel's full explanation and video below.

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