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Prom King: Brandon King attends Prom Angels event

Brandon King attends a prom for students and adults with special needs.


It's been a few years since Brandon King attend his own prom, but that didn't stop him from donning a suit and jumping back on the dance floor this weekend. 

Brandon attended the prom put on by Prom Angels in Pembroke, Mass., on Saturday. Prom Angels is an organization dedicated to providing "dignity and fun to people of all abilities." Its biggest event is a formal prom hosted for students and adults with special needs from across the region. Prom Angel was also a 2016 Community MVP Award winner.

Alongside prom-goers dressed to the nines in their finest suits and gowns, Brandon walked the red carpet, posed for photos and, of course, danced the night away. 

In an post to his Instagram account, Brandon said the night was a special one he won't soon forget.

"I went to Prom today and I sincerely had a BLAST! Attended Special for #PromAngels which support[s] disabled adults and children. I enjoyed every single second of this," Brandon wrote. "Never thought prom would be so fun!!! Even got to walk the Red Carpet! Thank you to for putting on such an outstanding event! I Just Came For Smiles."

And from the looks of it, smiles were all around. 


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