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Quick Kicks: Annual Meeting, Day 2 winding down

PALM BEACH, Fla. – With no media items on the official agenda this afternoon, the NFL is kicking back. A quick stroll around the lush grounds of The Breakers resort found several club officials having changed into casual, beach-appropriate attire and spending quality time with their families. Some committee meetings are still in session, but much of the league's business for the day has already finished.

At his press conference welcoming guests to the league's Annual Meeting Monday evening, Commissioner Roger Goodell spent the vast majority of his roughly half-hour Q&A with reporters discussing the biggest topic of this offseason to date: the New Orleans' Saints bounty program. He also took a fair number of questions about the salary cap violations by Dallas and Washington and the resulting penalties that he handed them. Goodell will address the media one last time at this event when it concludes around midday on Wednesday.

There's still a slim chance we'll catch up with a member of the Patriots brass before the meetings conclude tomorrow, but at this point, all indications are that those chances are diminishing with each passing minute.

On the docket tomorrow is a breakfast with NFC coaches, voting on the proposed rule changes for the coming season, and Goodell's farewell presser.

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