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Quick Kicks: PFW's Giants Week Coverage

Erik Scalavino offers a preview for our coverage during Giants week.

Still bummed about yesterday's Patriots loss to Pittsburgh? Was that nightmare scarier than any costume you'll see tonight?

We feel for you, and we're here to help. Perhaps an objective analysis will help you see things more clearly. Or maybe the latest PFW Postcard will get you back in the holiday spirit. Hell, give 'em both a read and I promise you'll feel better.

Meanwhile, we've got another game to take our minds off that ugliness in the Iron City. The Giants come to Foxborough this Sunday, and we'll start discussing that with Bill Belichick in about an hour, when he conducts his Monday press briefing. Players are available in the locker room shortly thereafter. Whatever news comes of those events I'll post here on the blog.

Tomorrow, players are off, but not Team PFW. There'll be the weekly slate of conference calls with BB, offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, and personnel man Nick Caserio. Andy and Paul will handle that news if it's significant enough, while they and Fred shoot PFW TV and host "PFW in Progress" on radio starting at noon.

It's back to a normal work week after that. Bill is back on Wednesday and Friday, players and practice updates will be posted here Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and our radio programming fills up Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Thursday night at 7:30, tune in to PFW TV on Comcast SportsNet New England.

Nothing planned for Saturday, as usual, but come Sunday, Andy and Paul will reboot the Pre-Game Social on the Patriots Facebook page (2-4 p.m. Eastern), which got derailed yesterday because of the snowstorm's power outages.

Then, it's game time again! See, don't you feel better already? Now, go get your costumes ready, make sure the kids are bundled up, and go have some fun tonight (remember, when you get back, there'll be a Monday Night Football game on, too). And as this week goes on, keep checking back here on the blog and in the Twitter-verse for our updates on Giants Week.

The Patriots find themselves back in a tie for the AFC East lead with Buffalo, who host the Jets on Sunday. Which means (gulp) you might have to pull for Gang Green just this once. Now, that's a scary thought, isn't it?

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