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Quick Kicks: PFW's Raiders Week coverage

Erik Scalavino offers a preview for PFW's coverage throughout Raider week.

Another Monday morning at Gillette Stadium, after a quick turnaround from Buffalo last night. Because we have a short week of work here before heading west to Oakland, there's no time to dwell on the ugliness of yesterday (other than to check out the latest PFW Postcard, of course … I know, shameless plug).

Bill's having his regular Monday press briefing today at 2 Eastern, then we're scheduled to have interview time with the players about an hour later. In the meantime, I'm working on this week's Ask PFW mailbag, which will post on tomorrow morning. If you haven't gotten your question in yet, make it fast or you'll have to wait till next week. Paul, Andy, and Fred will be here tomorrow, too, for the radio show and taping their TV show. If anything newsworthy comes out of the slate of Tuesday conference calls, they'll have that for you as well.

Wednesday, we're all back at it for the regular round of BB, players, practice, and afternoon radio. No Belichick on Thursday, but the rest is the same. Friday's media schedule isn't finalized yet, but I'm assuming it will be morning-heavy, as the team is leaving for the West Coast in the afternoon. Fred and I will join them, while Andy and Paul stay put to host the Patriots Pre-Game Social on our Facebook page (2-4 p.m. Eastern this Sunday).

Saturday there's no team access, but that night, Fred and I have been invited to hang with what I'm guessing will be a large group of Patriots fans who are making the trek to Oakland. This is the big yearly trip for the Patriots Tailgate crew. They always throw a good party.

The only silver (and black) lining you can take from yesterday is that the Raiders beat the Jets, but that also makes the Week 4 match-up even more difficult. Oakland has shown it can keep pace with AFC East teams in the point-scoring department, meaning this could be another high-scoring, close affair for the Patriots.

As always, we at PFW will keep you updated throughout the week here on the blog, on, and via our various Twitter accounts. Oh, yeah, and the paper, too (if you subscribe, you get immediate access to the on-line version … call Carrol Hardy at 1-800-494-PATS to book yours). And if you have an iPad … yup, we have an app for that as well.

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