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Quote Highlights from Bill Belichick's Press Conference

(opening statement) “We just rolled in a little while ago and we’re just trying to get settled. We’ll have a brief meeting tonight to try to get the players oriented to the hotel and a little bit of the procedures around here.

(opening statement) "We just rolled in a little while ago and we're just trying to get settled. We'll have a brief meeting tonight to try to get the players oriented to the hotel and a little bit of the procedures around here. We're still flying kind of high. It was a pretty nice trip down and it's great to be here to represent the AFC in this game.

"Just to bring you up to date on a couple of things -- all the assistant coaches are in New England. They're working on the game plan today and tomorrow. They'll come down tomorrow afternoon and be here for a brief meeting tomorrow night with the players. So they won't be available for the media session tomorrow but we'll try to get you caught up on them later on in the week when they'll be available.

"I'm sure that you want to ask about the quarterback situation. I'll make the announcement about the starting quarterback after practice on Wednesday. I'm just not in a position to do it right now. I know that I want to try to help you out on that. I'm sure that a lot of you want more information than I'd be able to give you right now. So that's really the time frame we're working on there.

"As far as St. Louis goes, we had a good football game with them a couple of months ago. They outplayed us that night and they certainly deserved to win. I think the big thing we have to do to beat St. Louis in the Super Bowl is that we need to play better than we played the last time we played them. That's where it all starts. Obviously they're very explosive on offense. We all know that. Their defense has been a big turnover defense. They play hard, they're very sound, they're well coached, and they don't give up a lot of plays. St. Louis is certainly the best team that we've faced this year and I know we have our work cut out for us on Sunday. But at the same time we're looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to see them again. I want to congratulate the Rams and Coach Martz on their road to this point. I think Mike's done a terrific job with that football team. He's certainly one of the toughest offensive coaches that I've ever faced in my career and I have an awful lot of respect for what he does and the way he does it, as well as for the offensive players he has on that team. Defensively, it looks like they've gotten a little bit better each week, and in some respects I think their defense is a little bit underrated because their offense is so explosive -- defensively they're pretty good, too."

(on what is involved in making his quarterback decision) "There are a number of things that are involved. I will just wait until Wednesday to try to clear it up."

(on whether or not Tom Brady could have come back in the game on Sunday) "Yes."

(on his thoughts on making the Super Bowl when he was 0-2 and Drew Bledsoe got hurt) "There were a lot of turning points during the year. I think one of the big ones for us was when we beat the Jets in New York, because at that time the Jets were leading the AFC East and to go down there on the road and come back from a 13-point halftime deficit and beat New York in New York -- I think that kept us in the race for the AFC East championship and that was probably one of the points -- there were a couple of other ones along the way -- but I think that was one of the points where we could see that if we could continue to string together a couple of wins that there was a scenario where we would have a good chance to win the AFC East or at the least compete as a wild card. So in order to get into the postseason and have an opportunity for the Super Bowl, somehow you have to find a way to get into the playoffs and that's probably the point where we saw that opportunity start to materialize. Up until that point we were right around .500, or trying to get a little bit over .500, and I think we all know in the end that 8-8 is not going to get you to the playoffs very many years."

(on how Tom Brady's health is) "I don't know. It's only 24 hours after the game. It's just too early to comment on those things. It's just too early."

(on whether Brady underwent an MRI) "Not that I'm aware of."

(on the extent of Brady's injury) "He has a sprained ankle and that's about it. We've been on the plane -- we brought the players in at 8:30 this morning. All the players were there -- we had a brief meeting in New England. We covered some logistical things. We have not done anything at all in terms of preparation for the Super Bowl with the players or even as a coaching staff. Our focus was totally on the AFC Championship game with Pittsburgh, so we've really been scrambling today to get that together. The players have been in since an 8:30 meeting, which means most of them were there at 8:00. We traveled to the plane, we flew down, we just got in, and that's what we've been doing all day. We got back to New England at about 11:00 last night and that's our schedule. We really haven't done much of anything other than unpack, repack and fly down to New Orleans. But it's good to be here."

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