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Quotes from Drew Bledsoe Press Conference

(on who the starting quarterback will be on Sunday) “I know that whoever is the starting quarterback will be ready to go. And whoever starts at quarterback -- we’ve got to win the game.

(on who the starting quarterback will be on Sunday) "I know that whoever is the starting quarterback will be ready to go. And whoever starts at quarterback -- we've got to win the game. I've been here one time and lost this game and to come to this game and not win is almost worse than not coming at all. So whoever plays -- you've got to win the game."

(on who should start) "I want to play. I want to play as bad as I ever wanted anything. I mean, it's the Super Bowl. It's what you play for. Obviously, I'd love to be in there. I'd love to be playing in this game but ultimately that's Bill's decision, and like I said, whoever plays has got to win."

(on how the decision is going to be made) "Like I said, he's (Coach Belichick) going to make that call. He's the coach, we're the players, and whoever he picks to go on the field will go on the field."

(on how hard it is not knowing who the starter will be) "Most of the season, since I've been healthy, I've had to prepare each week getting ready to go as though I was going to play the second play of the game, and that's the way I'm preparing now. I'm preparing as if I'm playing the game and then, if I get that opportunity, then I'll go in and play well."

(on playing last week after being out for so long) "First of all, it's been exciting all year to watch how well Tom has done and how well he's played. As hard as it's been personally to sit on the sidelines, it's been cool to be a part of a team that's been playing so well. But as far as being able to get back on the field, yeah, that felt good. That felt good to get back out and play. Like I said so many times, that's the part of this whole thing that really appeals to me. The rest of the stuff that happens off of the field, I can either take it or leave it. But the hardest part for me this year has been not being able to go out on the field and play the game. And so to go back out there and do that and to come away with a victory felt very good."

(on whether waiting for Wednesday to make a starting decision is an indication of Brady's health) "Like I said, I don't know what's behind Bill's decision -- you'd have to ask him. I just know that when he makes that decision, if it's me I'll be ready to go and if it's Tom then I'll be ready to support him."

(on whether he is lobbying to be the starter) "The only lobbying you can do is through playing and playing well. When he makes that decision we'll live with it."

(on how frustrating it will be if he doesn't play on Sunday) "Listen, the bottom line is that you've got to win the game. That's the bottom line. And whoever is on the field playing, that's what's got to happen. It doesn't make it harder or easier because I got back on the field -- that's neither here nor there. It's always hard when you don't get to play but if your team wins, then that's what it's about."

(on whether he is going to be back in New England next year) "That's a question for the off-season."

(on whether he thought the Patriots would make it to the Super Bowl after his injury) "You always think about it. But laying there in the hospital that was not one of the thoughts I had, that this was where we were headed and I don't think that anybody did, with the exception of some guys in our locker room. But when I was laying there in the hospital I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me. That was the thought I had then."

(on whether Brady deserves to start if he is healthy) "Like I said, that's a question for Bill and he's the one to answer it."

(on whether playing in a Super Bowl in the past is helpful) "I think there is some value to it. Number one, having been here, the biggest lesson I learned playing this game the first time, I think is the same lesson that everybody who has played in this game has learned -- and that is, once they kick the ball off, it's a football game. And you have to go and win a football game. And as much as everybody knows that coming in, and says the right things, it's hard to get a handle on how emotional and how big this game is until you actually have been through it one time. But once they kick it off it's a football game. And that's the most important lesson I took out of it the first time."

(on whether he and Brady talked about the starting situation) "Tom and I have an outstanding relationship professionally and personally. Obviously that relationship has changed some during the course of the year because of the dynamics of what has happened. But as far as what we talked about, we've talked some football stuff basically. He was genuinely happy for me when I went in and we won the game and we talked about some of those things, too."

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