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Randy Moss 'might consider' comeback for Brady, Manning

Future Hall of Fame receiver and current Fox analyst Randy Moss would consider coming out of retirement, but only to play with certain quarterbacks.


After the Seattle Seahawks traded receiver Percy Harvin to the Jets, the team contacted Fox analyst Randy Moss to see if the former wide receiver would consider coming out of retirement to play for the defending Super Bowl champions.

Moss declined the offer. But according to, the 37-year-old former Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Titans and 49ers star admittcomed in a recent appearance on The Schrager Podcast that he would return to the field in the right situation.

Specifically, the future Hall of Fame receiver would return for another chance to play with a future Hall of Fame passer.

"I'm loving what I'm doing here at Fox, don't get it wrong, but for me to be able to come back to the game for a guy like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, guys, I might consider something like that," Moss said.

Moss last played for the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, but claims he didn't retire for physical reasons and says he remains in competitive shape.

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