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Report: 2020 option added to Brown pact

A new development in the signing of WR Antonio Brown

Wide Receiver Antonio Brown (84) carries the ball after a reception.

Could Antonio Brown remain a Patriot beyond 2019?

Though the acquisition of the prolific wide receiver has still yet to be confirmed or announced by New England, news reports indicate that the original one-year agreement could extend to a second year.

This second-year option of $20 is seemingly identical to one the Patriots provided to CB Darrelle Revis back in 2014. Revis played the 2014 season on a $12 million salary, and had a year-two option which the Patriots declined to exercise. However, having the clause in the contract allowed the Patriots to prorate his signing bonus over the two seasons, thus lowering his salary cap figure.

This would seem to be the case again with Brown's contract. The 31-year-old Brown agreed on Saturday to a one-year deal with the Patriots said to be valued at a maximum of $15 million.

Of course, while this could strictly be an accounting maneuver, it also gives the Patriots the choice of keeping Brown for another year if the 2019 season goes according to plan.

The Patriots have a scheduled interview session with players in their locker room later Monday afternoon, at which time it will be curious to see if Brown makes an appearance. Meanwhile, more details of Brown's contract came to light Monday afternoon, via NFL Network.

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