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Report: Darrelle Revis' return to Patriots 'increasingly likely'

New England could revisit its relationship with former Pro Bowl cornerback.

According to a report from, if free agent cornerback Darrelle Revis chooses to extend his NFL career it "likely" would be in a return to the Patriots.

We're convinced he's going back to New England. It just makes too much sense.

The report, citing "numerous league sources," quotes one NFL personnel man directly.

"We did our work on him. He can still play. He can cover. He doesn't have that long speed anymore; he's not going to cover a No. 1 receiver deep. But he can cover in tight spaces and he has great instincts. The film is not as bad as some would have you believe. He's a perfect fit in that quarters scheme Belichick runs, and they have the kind of safeties who can help him out, too. We're convinced he's going back to New England. It just makes too much sense."

Revis is coming off an embarrassingly-horrific season with the Jets in which he was reportedly out of shape and played as poorly as ever. New York cut him this offseason, but remains on the hook for $6 million in guaranteed money that, thanks to contract offset language, would be lessened by whatever deal Revis were to sign with a new team.

Seen as a likely future Hall of Famer and once the best cornerback in the game, Revis' first and only season in New England in 2014 resulted in a Super Bowl title.

Given the free agent departure of Logan Ryan and rumors of a potential trade of restricted free agent Malcolm Butler, Revis could present depth at the cornerback position in New England behind newly-signed No. 1 cover man Stephon Gilmore.

How the Butler and Revis situations play out in the coming days and weeks will be very much worth watching, but right now at least some across the NFL" fully expect Revis to end up" back with the Patriots for 2017.

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