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Report: ESPN makes 'promise' Patriots will get 1st RD. pick for QB Jimmy Garoppolo

New England backup’s trade value continues to be a hot topic.

ESPN lead NFL information man Adam Schefter continues to make headlines with his thoughts on the Patriots potentially trading third-year backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

It began late last month when Schefter reported that a "person close to the Patriots" would be "stunned" if the team traded Garoppolo.

Last week, appearing on WEEI radio in Boston, Schefter said the starting point of trade talks for Garoppolo would be a first-round pick and a fourth-round pick – what the Vikings sent to the Eagles in a desperation deal on the eve of the season for veteran Sam Bradford. Schefter added, "that is the starting point and I don't even know if they would do it then"

Fellow ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer disputed that idea, also on WEEI, declaring that New England would not be able to get a first- and fourth-round picks for Garoppolo, indicating it was smart for the Patriots "brass" to "use" Schefter to set the trade market high.

Well, Tuesday morning, Schefter returned to the WEEI airwaves to fire back at Dilfer and make a promise regarding a potential Garoppolo trade, though one that comes in a bit lower than the original price he projected.

"I can tell you this: Nobody in New England has ever told me a certain price that they would want, or are expecting on Jimmy Garoppolo," Schefter said in his most recent WEEI appearance. "I can promise you that. The New England brass is not using me to get a price out on Jimmy Garoppolo. That is a fact that we can dispel right there. That is factually incorrect."

"I will promise you that they are getting minimum of a first-round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo. Promise you."

That would certainly be good news for the Patriots, assuming the team doesn't just decide to hold on to the young, developing backup who looked so impressive in the first two games this season.

Stay tuned. 

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