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Report: Tom Brady extension numbers revealed

News about Tom Brady's contract extension has been out for almost two weeks, but the numbers have been kept a secret. Until now.

According to and other reports the Patriots and Brady have made the two-year extension official and the quarterback will receive a $28 million signing bonus as well as base salaries of $1 million this year and next and $14 million in 2018 and 2019. He can also earn $1 million roster bonuses in the final two years.

That makes the extension worth up to $60 million total with $41 million in new money. His cap hits for the duration of the deal are as follows: 2016L $14 million, 2017: $14 million, 2018: $22 million and 2019: $22 million.

So the Patriots save slightly on the cap this year, shaving $1 million of the $15 million total he held prior to the extension. Meanwhile Brady get additional cash coming off two strong seasons but remains a bargain in terms of quarterback play around the league.

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