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Reports: Brady to attend MVP event

The three-time Super Bowl MVP apparently is going to join others in San Francisco on Sunday.

Seems Tom Brady is taking the high road home to San Francisco.

According to Twitter reports from journalists covering Super Bowl 50, the Patriots QB will attend the NFL's pre-game, on-field festivities honoring past Super Bowl MVPs.

There had been considerable speculation about whether Brady would appear at the league-sanctioned event, given his ongoing legal battle with the NFL. But apparently, he's going to put any personal feelings aside this weekend and appear alongside all his MVP brethren… even if it means running into NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at some point.

This seems like the appropriate course of action for Brady, from a public relations perspective. Were he to skip the festivities, which are a celebration of the history of the NFL and not necessarily an endorsement of the current Park Avenue administration, he would risk being convicted as self-centered and "bigger than the game" in the court of public opinion. You may recall he received considerable chastising in the media last April when he chose not to attend the White House ceremony honoring him, his teammates and coaches, and the Patriots organization as the Super Bowl XLIX champions.

In a poll posted last week, fans were almost evenly split on the issue, with 49 percent of participants saying Brady should go to San Francisco this weekend.  Coincidentally, San Francisco – Brady's hometown – is the only NFL city in which he has never played a game in his pro career. He'd been hoping to change that with a victory over Denver in the AFC Championship Game two Sundays ago, but as TB12 admitted during an appearance yesterday at his alma mater, the University of Michigan, "We blew it."

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