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Reports: Former Patriots QB Tim Tebow may be on the comeback trail

Tebow reportedly worked out for the Eagles on Monday.

Many assumed that Tim Tebow's failed attempt to win a backup job with the Patriots in the 2013 preseason might be the end of the former Florida star's lackluster NFL career.

Tebow was indeed out of the NFL for all of 2013 and 2014, beginning a TV career with ESPN and ABC.

But according to various reports, Tebow hasn't given up on his hopes of returning to the NFL field as a quarterback. As such, the Heisman winner and former Broncos first-round pick apparently took part in a workout with the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday.

Chip Kelly's Eagles have been very active at the quarterback position this offseason. Philly traded Nick Foles to the Rams for Sam Bradford and rumors persist that the team could trade up in the draft for Marcus Mariota, who played for Kelly at Oregon.

Still, it's hard to make bigger news in the football world than to be associated with Tebow, whose legend and cult popularity remain massive despite his NFL failings.

Will he get one more shot to prove his worth? Stay tuned.

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