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Rex Ryan with advice for Tom Brady?

New Bills coach has some throwing tips for No. 12.

Rex Ryan would, like all football coaches, clearly love to have a chance to coach Tom Brady.

But that's not an opportunity that Ryan, now in his first year leading the Bills, is ever likely to get in a football setting.

So, the entertaining-if-Patriots-obsessed Buffalo boss used Brady's recent Red Sox opening day errant first-pitch toss as an opportunity to tutor No. 12 from afar.

You see Ryan threw out his own opening pitch at a recent Buffalo Bisons Triple-A minor league baseball game.

And since Ryan seems to always have an eye on what's going on in New England and with the Patriots, he opened up his Wednesday press conference with comments about Brady's bouncing baseball.

"I think there's an obvious thing that we should talk about first," Ryan said with his usual smile. "My pitch actually made it to the plate. It was a little wide, but I understand somebody bounced it -- I'm not sure who it was -- but Tom needs to keep his elbow up a little bit more, I think."

It's not like Ryan was telling Brady, the former MLB draft pick of the Expos as a catcher, something that he didn't already know. Brady poked some fun at himself as well.

Tom needs to keep his elbow up a little bit more, I think.

"I would have said, 'Hey, Tom. Let's take one practice toss out there on that mound, maybe,'" Ryan said. "But Tom likes taking advice from me, I know. I'm sure he'll be working with that."

In the end Ryan admitted that he just couldn't help himself, pointing out a rare gaffe from a rival who rarely has a misstep in any part of life.

"Brady is funny because here is a guy who is first-ballot Hall of Famer," Ryan said. "If he ever does something wrong, yes, I'll be all over him. But that doesn't happen very often. So that was a given, you know I was going to say something there."

That, and the fact that Rex seemingly always has something to say relating to Bill Belichick, Brady or the Patriots.

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