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Rob Gronkowski Media Availability Transcript 7/31

Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski addresses the media during his interview following a Training Camp practice at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, July 31, 2016.

Q: You had a couple touchdown celebrations, chest bumps, how does that feel?

RG: It feels great. It's the whole grind about camp, it's great to go out there, have some fun, obviously you've got to grind, but you want to go out there [and] have some celebrations too when you make plays. The defense celebrates when they make plays, so as a group it's a lot of fun. You want to have some fun out there. The crowd was getting into it, so it was a fun day out there in team [drills].

Q: Does the energy ramp up when you put on the pads for both you guys, for both sides?

RG: I mean the energy was there without the pads, too, at first, but the energy of physicality definitely picks up when you put the pads on.

Q: It's hard work, but football always seems so much fun for you, is it really a grind for you out there on the field?

RG: Yeah it's a grind. I mean, sometimes you see me bent over huffing and puffing. I mean, today my cleats are probably 20 pounds each, so it was definitely a little more on the body physically - wise, trying to bust through the routes, cut the corners. You've got to have more technique when it's more rainy out, more wet, so you don't slip as much and it's more important to work on that so you can play football out in conditions like this.

Q: How important was it to get this rain so you guys can work on different things because it doesn't happen as often?

RG: I mean it's always important no matter what the weather is. You've got to work through it, but you don't always get rain days, you get rain games. It's cool to always practice in the rain whenever you get the chance to make sure you're working on your techniques, learning how to catch the ball in the rain, tucking it in, making sure it doesn't get knocked out. And you see out there a couple people slipping, the balls going through hands, so it's a good time to work and get some work in.

Q: How do you feel after the first weekend of camp, physically?

RG: I feel good, body feels good. Going out there running every day, and physically feeling good, mentally feeling good, too.

Q: What's the biggest message you've gotten from Kevin Faulk?

RG: Kevin Faulk? I mean, he's just a beast. Congratulations to him, he definitely deserves the honor. And big message from him is just stay consistent, coming out every single day, working hard every single day, and that's definitely – I've played with him – and that's definitely one thing he brought every single day was consistency, and that's huge in the NFL.

Q: How exciting is it when you make big catch and then Martellus Bennett makes a big catch right after?

RG: I was super excited to see him go out there. I made a couple big catches and he went, made a big catch, so it's great to see that; other players out there making big plays. And it's all about a team coming together and celebrating together after. It was super cool. It's awesome to see things like that.

Q: Does that get you excited about your potential?

RG: Yes, it gets me excited just to see everyone making plays. We had a couple running backs make some nice runs and put it into the end zone. We had a couple other receivers making the one - handed grabs the past few days, which are super nice, so it's all going well.

Q: Tom Brady has always been a pretty fiery guy but he seems more amped lately. Has he been more fired up this training camp?

RG: He's fired up every day. I mean, he's always competing, he's always fired up, he's always throwing his helmet at least once a week, no matter what the circumstances are. So, he's just always competitive, he's a great guy to work with and always keeps everyone's energy up.

Q: What made you go over to the tent after the play? What was going through your mind?

RG: Well, after that first play I accidentally threw the ball and I wasn't sure if I hit someone or not, but I didn't. It was all good. You know, making sure someone wasn't paying attention or not. So then the next time I scored right there I just ran by, saw them all cheering, so I was like 'Why not go and high - five them?' So, they were all excited. It's cool to get the crowd involved, get the energy up, and it felt like it did.

Q: Did you feel like the team needed a little bit of energy during practice due to the weather and there being no music in the beginning?

RG: I know, we were actually complaining that there was no music during the warmups. Everyone was yelling 'Where's the music?' No, I mean there's definitely energy. There's energy every day, bringing it. But I definitely felt like it ramped up when it came to team [drills], but why wouldn't it, I mean, it's team. That's when everything counts the most, but you've got to have energy throughout the whole time working on technique and individual drills. But I feel like definitely today when team hit it was a little more ramped up, which is good.

Q: Do you ever hear from the defense when you celebrate in practice?

RG: No, I mean, we're all here for the fun of it, for the grind. We understand they make a play, you know, you see them celebrating and it's part of the competition. If you don't want them celebrating, make a play and stop them. If they don't want us to celebrate, they've got to stop us, so it goes both ways and that's what's cool about it.

Q: Well it is a grind, is today a good example, though, how you try to make it fun?

RG: Yes, definitely. Every single day is definitely a grind, especially today with the rain, pouring rain, shoulder pads, jerseys, shoes. Look at that [points to cleats], water just all coming out. Everything just feels heavier, so it's definitely fun like this, so maybe next practice we'll feel lighter out there, faster, but it was fun. We made it fun today and it's always cool.

Q: OTA's, first weekend of camp, any rookies stand out that you've seen so far here?

RG: There are a lot of rookies that are standing out. You just can't single out one rookie. All of them are working hard, all 15 - 20 of them that are here. They're all grinding, they're all working hard, and that's all you can ask [from] them, is to try and improve every single day, and work hard every single day they come out here. 

Q: What are your early impressions of Jimmy Garoppolo?

RG: I've already answered that like 20 times last time. But he's looking great, he's working hard, he's competing, and that's all you can ask for. Everything is going smoothly.

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