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Rob Gronkowski Press Conference Transcript 8/7

Read a transcript of Rob Gronkowski's training camp press conference following the first joint-practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday, August 7 2017.

Q: How beneficial are these joint practices for you guys?

RG: They're really beneficial. Obviously it's always good to go versus each other as a team, but when you get a new opponent, when you get new looks, new defense, new players, it's always great. It's like more of a game feel and everything. It's very beneficial for myself and the whole team. 

Q: Is this part of the process of taking it up to another level during training camp?

RG: Oh yeah. It's kind of like - it definitely puts it up to another level. You're facing a new opponent for the first time instead of your own teammates every single day and it's just great tempo. The atmosphere picks up a little bit, the speed picks up, you've got to be more alert so it's super beneficial for the team and for myself.

Q: Does it come at just the right time about 10 days into camp to see some unfamiliar faces across the way?

RG: Yes. It's super good. It's super fun seeing some unfamiliar faces [and] going against new guys, new defensive ends, new safeties, new linebackers. It's cool. 

Q: How would you describe how it went?

RG: It went good. [There were] definitely a lot of improvements. I've got to keep on working, keep on grinding and keep on going out there to get better. 

Q: Does the crowd give you a boost on a day like today?

RG: Yeah, they were super loud from the beginning. But they always give a boost, for sure.

Q: Brandin Cooks put on a show out there today with a couple of deep catches. How excited are you to add that element to the offense?

RG: Oh yeah. He's a great player, great dude and he works super hard. Not surprised at all to see him making plays like that [when] you see how hard the kid works. 

Q: Do you get a feel for how good this offense can potentially be this year?

RG: We're just trying to take it one day at a time and get better every single day. [We] just try to put our best performance out there every day. 

Q: Was going up against the Jacksonville Jaguars defense today a good reminder that you still have a lot of work to put in?

RG: We've always got a lot of work to put in. No matter if we caught every ball [or] if we got a first down every play, there's always work that you can put in. Definitely from today of seeing what I did out there, I could definitely put more work in, and probably as a whole we can always put more work in as a team. 

Q: How frustrated do you get when you drop the ball?

RG: It's always frustrating when you drop the ball. But you've got to go back out there and you've got to put that play in the back of your head and keep on going. 

Q: Track record shows that you we don't see a lot of you on the field in preseason games. Do you have to put a little extra effort into what's going on here on the practice field?

RG: We put in a lot of effort every single day. There's no such thing as putting extra effort in on one day than the other. Every single day is a lot of effort, usually maximum effort every day. 

Q: How different are joint practice from preseason action?

RG: [During] joint practices you can analyze the play right after, go to your coach, see what's going on, see what you did wrong. I mean games it's more, 'Boom, you're on to the next play'. You can kind of see what you did wrong and have a correction right there on the spot in the joint practices and go back out there and fix it. In game time it's one play, one deal and it's done. But out here in practice you can definitely get the feel of it, learn from your mistakes and keep getting better. 

Q: How important is it to ride the line of practicing hard during joint practices but also keeping everybody healthy?

RG: I think both coaches do a great job. You just want to keep it the same tempo as the practices with your team - going into it with the other team too. You want to keep each other safe, you want to go hard, but you definitely want to watch out. Everyone wants to be safe at the end of the day. 

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