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Rob Gronkowski shows off his newest dance moves

As part of the newest issue of GQ, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski learns some new moves from the Miami City Ballet .


New England's most lovable tight end can now add one more thing to his growing resume: ballet dancer. Just when you think Rob Gronkowski couldn't get any busier, **the GQ cover man** visited the Miami City Ballet company and learned some of the basics. As part of his story in the newest issue, the magazine paired him with principal soloist Nathalia Arja.

We already know that Gronk's moves are **top notch on and off the field**.  So maybe doing pliés and arabesques would come naturally to him?


Once he got a couple of moves under his belt, he performed his whole routine.


Nailed it.

"So how did I do today?" Rob asked after all of his hard work.

"Well, I think you did a lot better than how we started today," Nathalia said. "Your hands were soft. Your shoulders were down. Your jump was really high."

Those moves even requested an encore from the Boston Ballet.

Take a look at the full video below.

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