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Roster Breakdown: Wide receivers

With some down time before training camp we decided to do our first of what should be many looks at the roster. Today we handle the wide receivers and we will analyze a different position each day.


Locks: Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson, Brandon LaFell, Matthew Slater

Bubble: Josh Boyce, Kenbrell Thompkins

Long shots: Jeremy Gallon, Jeremy Johnson, Wilson Van Hooser, Reese Wiggins


Patriots WR Julian Edelman finished the 2013 regular season with a career high of 105 receptions for 1,056 yards and 6 TDs. Take a look back at Edelman's season.

BREAKDOWN:** Money could play a key role in the breakdown at receiver. Amendola still has four years left on his contract and would cost the team $3.2 million against the cap if he were cut. LaFell got $1 million to sign, and although it would not be impossible for the team to eat that total if things don't work out, it would be highly unlikely. Slater is a special teams ace who provides loads of leadership, but until Tom Brady stops throwing the ball in his direction in playoff games we'll continue to list him as a wideout. Boyce and Thompkins could be in a battle for one spot. I like Boyce's explosiveness and would like to see him stay healthy and get a chance to contribute. Thompkins was a nice story as an undrafted rookie last year but he doesn't consistently catch the ball and also had his share of medical issues. Gallon was a seventh-round pick but at 5-8 would appear to be another in a seemingly endless line of slot-types on the roster. Johnson flashed a bit during mini-camp and could fight Gallon for a practice squad spot. Van Hooser and Wiggins are long shots.


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