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Roster deadline approaches

The Patriots did not make any roster changes the day after their final preseason game, even though the 53-man roster deadline looms just two days away.

All teams must be at the 53-man limit by Sunday at 4 p.m. Right now New England has 70 players on its squad, meaning their will be at least 17 roster changes this weekend.

The first task at hand for the team is Cincinnati in Week One, but Head Coach Bill Belichick said there are other factors that will play into any upcoming decisions.

"There is a certain degree of long and short term planning," Belichick said. "It's important to focus on Cincinnati, but we have 16 regular season games. You think about players who improved over the course of training camp and if they continue that rate of improvement, where will they be at midseason or the end of the season. It's not just about where we are right now."

Balancing each player's ability to contribute both in regular offense or defense and on special teams is a major key for guys on the bubble. Because teams have a limited number of roster spots on game day, players who can handle more than one role are of more value.

"We're thinking about the 45-man roster as much as the 53-man roster," Belichick said. "We can't afford to have one guy back up everybody on your team. We have to build our own depth."

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