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Saints, McAllister reach agreement on restructured contract

Deuce will not be sprung loose, not from New Orleans' roster anyway.

The Saints and their popular veteran Deuce McAllister reached agreement Monday on a restructured contract, ensuring that the running back will return to training camp with New Orleans.

McAllister had a $1 million roster bonus due Tuesday but before paying it, the Saints and the running back reached agreement on a deal that will offer each side protection.

Should the 29-year-old McAllister return and play up to the level that made him one of the league's top running backs, he will have a chance to make much if not all of the $4.7 million that he could have this season.

But if McAllister struggles to return to form on his two surgically repaired knees, the Saints will not have to pay him what he was scheduled to make this season.

Both sides thought the deal was fair, both agreed to it, and McAllister is expected to make it official on Tuesday.

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