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Scientists Take Over The Hall at Patriot Place

News Alert! A Mad Scientist was spotted at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon on Saturday Jan. 29.


The Mad Scientist and a few brave volunteers conducted experiments during the kickoff.

News Alert! A Mad Scientist was spotted at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon on Saturday Jan. 29. Reports have been gathered that he, along with almost 100 youth and Raytheon mentors were conducting highly reactive scientific experiments complete with fog, boiling beakers, food coloring and dry ice.

It has been rumored that the children had gathered from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island Boys & Girls Clubs for "The Science of Sport" kickoff event, marking the beginning of the program, which culminates with a "Science of Sports Science Fair" at Gillette Stadium in the spring.



]()"When we built The Hall back in 2008, this is one of the very first programs that we initiated in partnership with Raytheon," Jen Ferron, Patriots Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management said. "We felt that it was a program that we could grow, and it's amazing to see how much it has grown in the past couple of years. We now have Boys & Girls Clubs participating not only in Massachusetts but from New Hampshire and Rhode Island as well."

These middle-school children were seen with goodie bags and prizes for answering science related questions. At the kickoff event they met their Raytheon mentors that will guide them through their science experiments prior to the science fair in May.

"It's important that we kick off this program here at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon. The Hall celebrates excellence, and that's what this program does. It celebrates excellence in science, technology, engineering and math. Each club gets an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have to explore those activities," said Rick Metters, Executive Director, MA Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs. "We are grateful for the continued support and generosity of the Kraft family, the New England Patriots, the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and Raytheon that make this program possible."



]()Since Jan. 29, scientific activity has increased across New England, and parents of the Boys & Girls Club children are pointing to their kids as the cause.

"This program is meant to get the kids engaged and to get them excited about math and science and remind them there's things -- beyond doing problems -- that apply to real world applications such as sports, which is the theme of the program," said Bailey Sargent, Raytheon Sr. Public Affair Representative. "Today we got the kids and their mentors energized around the program and we're looking forward to another great year."

The middle-school scientists left the kickoff event strategizing with ideas for their experiments. Middle school student Ozzy said "This is really fun, I feel like this is going to be one of the times I will want to always remember."

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