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Statement on Fan Behavior

For the last few years, New England fans have expressed a preference for bottled soda, beer and water at Foxboro Stadium events. Bottled beer has been served at our home games this season without incident.

We will continue to do everything we can to create an enjoyable environment for all of our fans. Unfortunately, as we've seen recently in a few other venues, a few fans can ruin the experience for everyone else. We can assure you that unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated here.

We will immediately eject any fan caught throwing any object within the stadium. Season Ticket privileges will be revoked, and the offender will be arrested by local authorities. If the offender is not a season ticket holder, the season ticket holder whose tickets are being used will lose his/her season tickets.

In addition to our video surveillance, local police and security staff, we also ask that any fan witnessing inappropriate behavior report this to our security staff.

This is an exciting time for New England Patriot fans as we continue to strive toward the playoffs, and continue the final work on CMGI Field. We hope our fans will have respect for the opposing team and the officials and will cooperate with the stadium policies.

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