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Sticker Keyboard IOS FAQ


Included within the New England Patriots app is a FREE Default Patriots Sticker Keyboard, which includes stickers for use within text messages, emails, social media posts, etc. Please follow the instructions below to install.


Additional Patriots Sticker Packs will be made available periodically in the Sticker Keyboard Shop, found within the New England Patriots iOS app . To access new and additional Packs, please find the Sticker Keyboard Shop in the main navigation of the latest Patriots app.

Additionally, Patriots Sticker Packs are available for download from the iMessage App Store, provided users have iOS 10 or newer installed on their iPhone.


To use the New England Patriots sticker keyboard (included with the Patriots app), you must enable the "Keyboard" and turn on "Full Access" by going to >

Settings > General > Keyboards

Select Add New Keyboard

Select "Emojis - Patriots"

Switch ON > Allow Full Access

Choose Allow when prompted


With the latest versions of iOS (iOS 10 or newer), users can also choose to download additional Patriots sticker packs directly to the built-in Messages app! This can be done by going to:


Tap on the "Apps" button, to the left of the text box (You may have to tap on the "More" button, which looks like an arrow if you have already tapped into the text box)

Tap on the sticker/app selection icon, located in the bottom left of the screen (which looks like four ovals, grouped by 2s)

Tap on the "Store" icon

Search for "Patriots" by tapping on the "Search" button (Which looks like a magnifying glass)

Scroll through the list until you see an official New England Patriots sticker pack, tap on it, and then tap on "Install".

Once installed, Patriots stickers will be available via iMessage and can be selected for use by tapping on the "Apps" button at any time during a conversation.


How do I use my Patriots Stickers when posting to Facebook or Twitter?

When posting to Facebook or Twitter, access your devices keyboard as you would normally. When you have decided which Sticker to use, press down and hold until the sharing icons display. Choose either Facebook or Twitter. The appropriate app will open with a dialogue box displayed. Paste your Sticker there and send. Alternatively, you can bring up the Patriots Sticker Keyboard by tapping on the "Keyboards" button, located at the bottom of your iOS keyboard, from within many apps. Sorry it's more of a pain for Facebook and Twitter, but them's the rules!

When I email someone a sticker, why does it show up as an attachment when opened on a desktop?

Stickers only show up as graphics on phones because they are designed for only iOS and Android devices.

How do I remove a sticker from my favorites tab?

Simply double tap the sticker you want to remove (from within the Patriots Sticker Keyboard), and it will be removed from your Favorites.

How do I hide/expand my Patriots Sticker Keyboard?

In the keyboard, swipe down to hide the bottom tabs and expand the keyboard. Swipe up to show the tabs and return the keyboard to its normal size.

Why is full keyboard access needed for iOS?

Please click here for full details.

Please note, the Patriots sticker keyboard does not read, transmit, or store anything you type.

For more FAQs about stickers, please click here.