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Tagliabue gives statement on schedule

In light of the recent tragedy facing the country, the National Football League has cancelled Week Two of the regular season this weekend.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said a decision on whether to re-schedule the games or play a 15-game slate has yet to be made. That decision will be announced in the near future.

"We in the National Football League have decided that our priorities for this weekend are to pause, grieve, and reflect," Tagliabue said in a released statement. "It is a time to tend to families and neighbors and all those wounded by these horrific acts of terrorism.

"We understand those individuals in sports who want to play this weekend. We also can empathize with those who want to take the weekend off and resume their personal lives and professional careers next week. We strongly believe that the latter course of action is the right decision for the NFL.

"On Sunday, Sept. 23, the NFL, its players and coaches will return stronger than ever and resume our playing schedule."

New England Head Coach Bill Belichick fully supported the decision and has given his players time off until at least next Monday. At that time the team may do some light work, but the full preparation for the Week Three game with the New York Jets will not begin in earnest until Tuesday.

"I think that given all of the circumstances and the situations involved I think everybody fully understands why we did what we did and we are supportive of it," Belichick said. "I told the players and the coaches that this would be a time for us to reflect and grieve and then try to put it behind us."

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