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TB12 and Son Score Touchdown, Dab Under Friday Night Lights

Tom Brady and his son run the cutest route of all time.

Tom Brady can always find an open target, and in his latest Facebook post, TB12 goes long an adorable receiver -- his son. 

On the field at his alma mater, Tom explains a route, hikes and launches a pass into the end zone. His son jumps to reel in the catch and dabs in celebration for the cutest father-son pass completion in recent college football history.

And of course, the crowd goes wild. OK, so Michigan Stadium was empty on Friday night, but Tom's added special effects make it feel like a packed house watched the duo.

TB12 isn't just practicing with his son, either. Earlier this week Gisele posted a photo Tom tossing a pass her way as she gracefully jumps for the catch. 

While Tom and his family embraced the Friday Night Lights at the University of Michigan, Tom will serve as an honorary captain for the Wolverines as they take on the Colorado Buffaloes Saturday afternoon. And if this video is any indication, we can expect great things from the younger Brady as a receiver. 

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