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TB12 returns to Seabass School of Football

What did we do right to deserve two of these videos?

Earlier this week, Tom Brady showed -- with good humor -- the he would probably never be fluent in German, like his teammate Sebastian Vollmer. The video was a hilarious showing as TB12 tried to replicate calls of his own plays, and he butchers them.

Luckily for us, the duo was back in action at the Seabass School of Football on Friday, and it is just as incredible as the first time around. 

In this session of German 101, Tom learns some of his famous phrases caught on mics during games, like "Let's go!" and "It's about honor." Although he tends to say the German phrases with a bit of anger in his voice, as Sebastian pointed out, Tom gave himself an A+ for his efforts. 

Sebastian, however, leaned more towards a C-, but appreciated his student's enthusiasm.

"At least he's excited. He brings it," Sebastian said.

Check out the hilarious video in its entirety below.

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