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The Hall's Playoff Huddle with Scar, Zo and Reiss

Dante Scarnecchia, Scott Zolak and Mike Reiss talk NFL Playoffs and answer your questions at The Hall from Noon-1 p.m. on Jan. 3.


Dante Scarnecchia coached in 39 playoff games, including seven Super Bowls, during his long career as a Patriots assistant coach. Scott Zolak was a Patriots quarterback during an era when the team regained credibility and returned to the Super Bowl in 1996. Mike Reiss has been covering the Patriots since 1997 for the likes of Patriots Football Weekly, The Metro West Daily News, The Boston Herald, The Boston Globe and now and ESPN in general.

So when the three huddle up on Jan. 3 at The Hall to talk Patriots playoff football with fans, it's sure to be a treat. Scarnecchia, Zolak and Reiss will appear at The Hall at noon Saturday for a Playoff Huddle where they will engage fans during a question and answer session. With a glut of knowledge and experience, the three should provide a treat for playoff-hungry fans looking to talk football.

"We are incredibly fortunate to have these three personalities available to talk playoff football with the fans," Hall executive director Bryan Morry said. "The experience they bring from different perspectives will give fans a unique opportunity to gain insight into how things may or may not change in the postseason.

"Coach Scarnecchia brings a wealth of knowledge from the game planning, preparation and coaching side. Zo can speak from a player's perspective on how the postseason creates a different sense of urgency and how experience plays a role in those big spots when seasons are on the line. And Mike has been covering the team and the different personnel for almost 20 years and brings a credible media perspective to the table."

The event will be included in regular Hall admission, which is $10 for adults, $7 for seniors and active military and $5 for children ages 5-12.

The Hall Playoff Huddle will be at Noon on Saturday, Jan. 3 before the first playoff games kickoff during Wild Card Weekend.

"With the Saturday games starting late in the day, we thought that was a great time for fans to come in for some playoff pregame," Morry said. "Sunday's games are at the more traditional times so Saturday at noon seemed perfect."

To buy tickets in advance, click here.

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